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  1. Thank you for updating access. The disabled "Standard" login handler was mislabeled as it was actually the MySQL Database external login handler. I have deleted this for you to remove confusion. If you do need the MySQL Database external login handler in the future, you can read add it in the ACP by clicking the create new button.
  2. Thank you for updating your access details. Unfortunately, this issue is due to one of the many third party plugins you have installed. Once I disabled all of them, I was able to access tickets in the ACP. Please disable all plugins then enable them one-by-one to find the culprit. Once you do, please contact the author for assistance.
  3. Depending on how old your installation is, you may have logins posted there that you may not be using like the Invision Community or Facebook. The weird thing is having two Standard login handlers here. Could you please ensure that the user on file in our Client Area has full access to your ACP? Currently, we do not. I'd like to look as you shouldn't have duplicates of those. You can read about connecting two Invision Community installations here though:
  4. Apologies for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as renewing the certificate due to outdated plans and versions. I have replied to your ticket with how we can help you move forward.
  5. Sorry, that would be outside our scope of support. We would recommend performing any transactions via the software.
  6. Sorry to hear that, sure doesn't sound like fun. You can certainly suggest improvements in our Feature Suggestion forum.
  7. I'm afraid, it is uploaded outside of the software, it would not be an attachment. Attachments are only items uploaded to our software or converted software.
  8. I'm afraid, there is no method to mass delete these.
  9. Thank you, this appears to be a bug in our template code. Please be advised I have reported this internally and a fix will be made if required in a future maintenance release. Thanks again!
  10. You will want to create a custom block which uses the custom advertisement location snippet which you've created. You can read more about custom blocks by going to: https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/suite-applications/pages/core-concepts/blocks-r151/
  11. Unfortunately, there is currently not a measure to combat this other than restricting their edit permissions or manual contact. You're more than welcome to create a suggestion in our Feature Suggestion forum if you have any ideas. Theoretically, we could compare the data but all the users would need to do it add a couple spaces or other character changes to make it different.
  12. If I am understanding you correctly, these weren't uploaded via vBulletin or our software and were just added as an image URL to the content? If so, only items uploaded through the software (or converted software) would show up as an attachment. Items simply added from an external source from the software, would not be seen as an attachment.
  13. Are you modifying the download file to edit it? If so, this would be expected. When testing this and adding the tag by the "Add Tag" button just under the Download File title, I am not seeing it get marked as updated.
  14. For a temporary ban, I would not recommend banning the user's IP addresses. I understand looking at the UI where some confusion can happen but this is a separate segment and any IP ban is permanent and would not unban after the duration set for the member ban. If you're using CloudFlare or another reverse proxy and have not enabled "Trust IP addresses provided by proxies?" in ACP -> System -> Advanced Configuration, would be using the IP address of CloudFlare's proxy server instead of the actual user's IP address thus creating issues. I would recommend removing all IP addresses from your ban list if this is causing issues.
  15. You would need Pages but can create a custom PHP block and drop a custom ad location in there.
  16. You are stating to require approval for 5 days so no. That would hold regardless as there is no further clause.
  17. Thank you for reporting this issue! I have confirmed that I can also experience this issue on a test instance so have submitted a bug internally. Our developers will review and release a fix in a future maintenance release. Thanks again!
  18. Restrictions like that would not be related to Group Promotions as those are tied to the user rather than the group. Was the user warned or otherwise by a moderator?
  19. If you're seeing the same issue from our S3 bucket URL, this is something that we're working on to resolve for our clients 🙂 .
  20. Thank you. Looking at this, it looks like the user with ID 120360 has had restrictions manually added to their account 2 hours ago for a period half a day almost. However, apart from that, the user does not have any restrictions on the account.
  21. Thank you for updating your credentials. When viewing the report in question, I am receiving a 500 Internal Server Error from your server. Please contact your hosting provider or server administrator to obtain the Server Error log entry which will be required to further investigate the error here.
  22. OK, we'll want to take a look on that once you get your credentials sorted.
  23. I would recommend reviewing your System Log to see if any errors are coming up in there. Additionally, the warning is cached so could be delayed when the resolution has been fixed. For your questions containing the Redis server setup itself, I have moved your topic to our server assistance forum where fellow administrators can assist you.
  24. Do you have any other group promotion rules which may be conflicting with this? Do you have an example user currently which this has happened to that we can look at?
  25. On the right-hand side of the Support page in the ACP, you'll see:
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