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  1. @Makoto: Good point. Hopefully Invision can do it.
  2. Invision seems to develop in the wrong way. First they build a function and then they want to make it fast(er).
  3. IMO the HTTP requests should not be a problem. I think the SQL queries and/or PHP runtime of IPS 4.1 are grossly inefficient.
  4. I thought since IPS 4.1 smileys are retina / DPI capable but old post are not converted:
  5. "Only"... hm... I expect that it is nearly instant.
  6. https://community.invisionpower.com/notifications/ 30 seconds (I have 19 pages of notifications) https://community.invisionpower.com/discover/ 20 seconds
  7. By the way: At the moment I create a browser addon for Chrome and Firefox so everyone can type HTML and CSS easily on all IPS 4.x sites with CKeditor. Detection of a IPS site and implant the HTML button to editor works fine at the moment on DIV embedded CKEditor (since IPS 4.1).
  8. 4.1 has a new Activity / Discover Stream that covers the New Content function too. This week they want to upgrade this site to 4.1. So just wait a little bit.
  9. With my example I just wanted to demonstrate how to break the mobile layout. Sorry for confusing.
  10. No. As I said I disabled the usage of BBCode, images and links for guests. By the way: It also should not possible to modify system style (of quotes, mentions, code block layout, ...). But as you can see, I modified the quote block above. As admin I have no global control of site style. How can I warn or ban a guest?
  11. In the first post I just typed a single space and set the font size with CSS to 72000px. Even if you (as admin) force pasting as plain text and remove most of the editor buttons, I can still (re)use HTML and CSS in browser console before submitting the post. On my site guests are not allowed to style their content. They are not allowed to post images. And they are not allowed to post links. But with IPS I have to control over it. They can do what they want.
  12. They can. Of course not everything is possible but most of CSS and basic HTML is possible. Just let me referring here: http://ips41preview.invisionpower-staging.com/topic/275-testing-hidden-mentions/ This is possible because we now use a HTML editor (CKEditor) and not a simple textarea and post parsed BBCodes.
  13. Hello, how can I prevent that users (or better a usergroup) can use all the CSS they want? On my site guests are allowed to post. In the good old BBCode era it was easy to disallow BBCode for guests but now they can use HTML and CSS to modify content (they can hide text and URLs if they set background and text color to the same as the page background color (just an example)). In the past I only had to moderate content but I also have to moderate style. This is really annoying. ... or they can do this:
  14. @AndreSpecker: Did you copy and paste the result or the HTML code? This demo is not about the ability to post HTML.
  15. Rejecting is a bad way. On my site some users have JavaScript disabled and I don't want to reject all posts of them. strip tags sounds good. But the software has to (correctly) check if the post was send from a JavaScript disabled client. I wonder how IPS will deal with it.
  16. I saw your bug report. IMO they will reject it (sadly). It is the way the editor works. The WYSIWYG editor also submits HTML. It just overlay the HTML with a preview of itself.
  17. Or you can disable JavaScript temporarily. This gives you a plain text area where you can type HTML (no need that an admin allow it). Example of this post (edit):
  18. Hello, please (re-)add a preview button of posts in IPS4. The current editor is not a real WYSIWYG editor. First reason are the allowed BBCode tags. They are parsed not until you submit the post. Second reason is the possibility to use IPS4 without JavaScript. Then you have a plain text area where you can use HTML too (this is nice when some buttons are disabled and the admin has enforced paste as plain text but you want to style your post - thanks IPS4 to still allow it this way ). Without a preview function it may hard to estimating the result. Third reason is that the editor fail to do a real WYSIWYG effect. See screenshots... This is what I see in editor: This is the final result: (you can try it yourself by copying the result on from https://jsfiddle.net/d97v89et/ and paste it here)
  19. Look at the Code here: https://developer.mozilla.org/de/demos/detail/html5-notifications/launch It is just some JavaScript code. So the notification will send to all browsers where you are logged in. It will cost some server power because it is not a real push. The browser has to check every x seconds/minutes nor new notifications in background (with ajax for example). If you want real push you need some extra server software.
  20. Safari supports this too: https://developer.apple.com/notifications/safari-push-notifications/ The basic technology is called Web Notifications and a lot of browsers support it: http://caniuse.com/#search=notification Here is a demo if you want to try it: https://developer.mozilla.org/de/demos/detail/html5-notifications/launch
  21. Sadly not: https://community.invisionpower.com/4bugtrack/active-reports/not-possible-to-deactivate-wysiwygtext-formatting-per-usergroup-r6420/ You can remove the editor buttons and force paste as plain text but there is no way to disable BBCode (font, color, size).
  22. Bug report: https://community.invisionpower.com/4bugtrack/active-reports/407-future-articles-shows-in-new-content-r6391/
  23. And what do you do if the parent thread of the post change? Without the thread id the post link would be working forever. With the thread id it is not really a shareable permlink...
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