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  1. Currently users can add whatever they want in the signature. For forums that require users to have a simple and short signature, it would be great to have options to restrict embeds like videos, images and certain font sizes.
  2. Doesn't work for me, even when I run the task and have dummy accounts with birthdays set to present. Does having a sever lock (require server login to access page) affect this plugin?
    It would be great to see this updated!
  3. That would make this an instant purchase for me. Buy or gift points and use points for additional forum features or simply to be moved into a special usergroup that enable those features.
  4. Agreed with the OP. Unfortunately I don't think your sound logic is getting through to everyone. If you like the way commerce works now, then great, I'm glad it works for you. It clearly doesn't work for every use case and the argument that those who want options to simplify the system just want to avoid taxes is insulting and completely besides the point that the OP was making.
  5. We've had a great experience working with DawPi to build custom functionality into our forum. He delivers quality work at great prices and he delivers on time or earlier than expected. I appreciate that he took the time to make sure our projects were working exactly how we wanted them to, even offering to make additional tweaks after the work was done at no cost. We will continue to work with DawPi on all of our projects for IPB going forward!
  6. Are there any plugins that implement currently browsing functionality? Coming from vB, fourms look so dead without it.
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