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  1. Hey guys, I just wanted to say, I raised a support ticket and got my main forum online. I have since attempted to do this again but started afresh. I made a new user as a webmaster on my server just for this and used this for file transfers. I switched off my live site temporarily. I made a new database and uploaded the backup dump from the live. I uploaded the new conf_global file to the webspace first with all of the database connection information and new sub domain link, then copied all of the other files and folders from the live backup, leaving out the original con_global file, and the datastore folder. I then made a new datastore folder. Once this was completed I loaded the site which came up a little funny at first, like no theme etc but had the links, I found the ACP one and entered it, this page was the same but managed to get to the support section and select 'something isn't working correctly'. Once I had done this the page still looked like it was missing a theme. I refreshed both the test site, and the test ACP and it all came up fine, all icons the lot. I am not sure what went wrong before but this seems ok so far 'touches a lot of wood'. I thought I would put this up so if anyone else hits the same problem then this may help those who are like me, new to all of this. Many thanks. I am sure I will have more questions the further I delve into this but it is a start. Any pointers on learning material then please send them my way.
  2. No problem, thank you for your help, I feel there is an underlying issue with my live site causing this. I have just removed all of my test install files. I have restored my live site ones and it is running, but as soon as I go into ACP, System, Support, 'something's not working' I get this: No sooner have I done this and got this screen, my site goes down. Recommended changes are to do with cURL, The database issues are UPDATE `ffoc_core_output_cache` SET `cache_expire`=0 WHERE `cache_expire` IS NULL; ALTER TABLE `ffoc_core_output_cache` CHANGE COLUMN `cache_expire` `cache_expire` INT (10) NOT NULL DEFAULT 0 COMMENT 'Unix timestamp of when the cache expires'; If I run these the results are: And my site stays down until I restore the saved files again.
  3. I need to have a good look at how I am doing things then, everything is done as root for my server, as it is primarily used for this. I have some spare domains so I will try and use one of those. I will make an FTP account for each so they are separate too. My main site is still up and down now, as soon as I touch anything in the support section of ACP it goes garbled. This is the main reason I want to check I am doing things correctly using a test install first. a few questions to get me started again: 1: as my main site has gone funny, is it worth uploading all of the backed up files again, and the database dump? It only had a handful of posts since saving these so nothing major. 2: Should I remove all files from my sub domain I was trying to set the test install on to prevent further conflict at the moment? 3: How do I change the testinstall domain on my license? These did match my sub domain initially, since my live site has gone down it now doesn't.
  4. I have my live site back now, My test site now DOES, point to the live one for some reason, even though the conf_global settings are correct. As said above, could this be because I am using a sub domain to set the testinstall up with? I don't know how to set it up locally.
  5. From the limited view I have of ACP at the moment I shows the test ones point to the test folders. I currently cannot get into the ACP for the live site now. Is it worth deleting all of my test files now to try and get my live site running again, then go from there? I really do appreciate all of this help and bearing with me
  6. Oh great, to top it off my live site has now just done the same and I haven't touched anything.
  7. 1: yes, and 2: yes. To make it easier, I literally copied my whole site, all of the files, to my new sub domain. I then amended the conf_global file to reflect the new database details and sub domain. I did this as that is what the guide says to do. So this will copy the datastore ones too. This is where I get the testinstall semi working. When I go to do anything, support/somethings wrong etc, it all goes garbled like above, the only way to get it back to allow me to the site or admincp is re-copying the backed up datastore files. If I don't do this I cannot get back into the admin cp. I am happy to not do this again, or go into the datastore folder and delete the contents on my testinstall if that is what is needed, but that is where I am stuck. I am sorry if it seems like you are teaching very basic things, I want to learn it all but do not know where to start, I inherited this to keep our car clubs forum running, otherwise we would have lost it so I get i have a steep learning curve.
  8. I don't have one, never have. I have tried to follow the guide for making a new testinstall but it has never worked. I am not that stupid so god knows what is wrong.
  9. As soon as I do anything like choose somethings wrong, my test site goes all messed up like above. I have had it stable until that point as in I can click around it etc, minus the icons. I only cHModded the directories that it recommended me too. Messed up is this, and it stays like this until i copy the datastore files back over, then goes back to the current problem: Following on from my last reply, one of the links points to the FONTAWESOME icons on my live site, NOT, to the directory in my test site, which I guess is why they are not showing but i do not know why they are looking there. When I do select something is wrong and it shows, it comes up with 2 database errors mentioned above which do not exist according to the query result from running the fixes. What shows when doing this, is identical to what shows on my live site, which is working I have taken this over, and learnt how to get to where i am myself, but for some reason I cannot get the test site to work. Which will then only leave me of the option of upgrading the live site without checking it which is obviously a risk.
  10. I have just right clicked on one of the missing icons in AdminCP and selected inspect on Chrome. This comes up as errors in the console: Is this my issue? Does this mean permissions are still invalid or is it something else? EDIT: I think I have found the issue but not sure how to rectify it. It seems to be trying to look for the icons from the live site domain, as my test is on a sub domain this is obviously not being allowed. How do I get it to point at my sub domain's files?
  11. I have changed those directories to what it needs to be, I needed to refresh my license data in the AdminCP about 28 times to clear the notifications. I ran the system check again and it all came back fine, but my icons are still missing! I have a datastorage warning still, this won't clear until I go to save the datastorage settings, even though I haven't changed them, it asks me to download a new costants.php file, when I click this my test site freezes and now displays this: This is where I get too, I haven't got a clue what is going wrong, just from changing the permissions to the recommended. If I go into my FTP and re-upload the original backup folder for datastore from my live site, it recovers and my test site will load again, but still with no icons. I have gone in and completed the system check and everything shows as green and normal as it should. Can I confirm that the icons should show on a test site, or are the restricted to stop people using it as a second place? As at the moment everything seems stable with this exception. For those still following, here is the link to my test site and the link to my live one, so you can see the difference: https://www.testing.ffoc.co.uk http://www.ffoc.co.uk
  12. This is where I got to the first time I did this. These were the issues raised: I went into Putty as my root and changed these as it said, and this is where my issues started, it all went corrupt and garbled, if I restored the datastore files it worked again but only as it did the first time with the missing icons. Why does the Applications, Plugins, and Uploads/logs say what to change to, but the Datastore and Uploads doesn't?
  13. @bfarber I have re-uploaded all of the files again, it seems more stable but the icons are still missing as shown in my first post. I have added the constants.php file with the following added to it: This is what my folders look like on my file manager on the server: Am I missing something? I don't want to do anything else in case you want to see for yourself the issue at the links above as last time i tried to adjust something it went garbled. Mike
  14. Hi bfarber, Yes they were. It highlighted this straight away. When I changed them to 0777 was when my issues started, other than the symbols missing. I am just removing the files from the test location, and going to upload the original copied ones again, then check the file permissions and see what happens now i have the TESTINSTALL licence setup.
  15. Further, even though my AdminCP (And the site) screen looks like this: I can still try things. The upgrade, is the Invision software which I am trying to get to do, lol. The recommended changes are to do with Curl. The DB ones, if I click fix this, then scroll down to the bottom of the page, it says this: There are some problems with your database. Normally it is safe to try to fix these problems automatically however if your community is large, you may want to run the necessary queries manually. If so, the queries to run are: UPDATE `ffoc_core_output_cache` SET `cache_expire`=0 WHERE `cache_expire` IS NULL; ALTER TABLE `ffoc_core_output_cache` CHANGE COLUMN `cache_expire` `cache_expire` INT (10) NOT NULL DEFAULT 0 COMMENT 'Unix timestamp of when the cache expires'; I have ran this and both come back with : So not sure what that means if the results are zero.
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