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    Nathan Explosion reacted to Matt Finger for an entry, Development update for August 2022   
    Welcome to our August (and June and July) developer's Update!
    We've had a busy summer so far, with our team working on the final touches to 4.7 which introduced range of new Cloud specific features. In our August release we also added a way to schedule topics.
    @Jordan Miller announced the new solutions improvements here, this will be included in our September release (4.7.2)
    PHP8 Compatibility Scanner
    We are excited to announce that as a platform we (finally) are starting the process of migrating from PHP7 to PHP8 in order to keep the software secure, modern, and performant.
    Since PHP8 includes some breaking changes from PHP7, we've built a Method Scanner that will iterate through third party apps and plugins to find fatal issues, disabling any such customizations on upgrade. The apps and plugins disabled in this manner will not be able to be re-enabled until they are updated with the fixes. Developers, please make sure that your resources are fully tested with PHP 8+ and the method signatures match.
    For developers, the main issue the scanner looks for is instances in which a method's signature is altered when extending a class; this can cause fatal errors that make even the AdminCP inaccessible. Violating code can be found both in your hooks as well as other PHP classes your app/plugin uses. See the PHP8 Incompatible Apps and Plugins in the AdminCP Support Page to see exactly the issues identified and how to resolve:

    Pre-Upgrade Resource Checker
    We're also introducing a new AdminCP upgrade step to check installed resources for whether compatibility updates are available for version they're upgrading to.

    Here is the full changelog for our upcoming September release.
    Core - Added ACP Tool to scan all hooks to identify PHP8 fatal errors related to method overloading. - Added AdminCP new search terms to guide admins to the new areas. - Added a pre-upgrade Marketplace compatibility check. - Fixed an issue where a large number of profile field options can break the page layout on the member stats overview page. - Fixed an issue where members following an item may not be following the remaining item after a merge. - Fixed an issue where word filters could cause an item to be held for approval even if the author had more than the required number of posts to bypass. - Fixed an issue with hCaptcha where an incorrect language override could be requested. - Fixed an issue where it was possible to create an alert with forced reply from a moderator/admin account with a disabled messenger. - Fixed an issue where editing the ACP => System => Postings page with disabled registrations would throw an exception while the submission. - Fixed an issue where some alerts were not shown if they had an end date. - Fixed an issue where post to Twitter could potentially result in an uncaught exception - Fixed an issue where the oauth configuration page was missing the required css files. - Fixed an issue where a report title may appear in trending content (does not expose any sensitive data). - Fixed an issue where removing a manually added badge would not remove the badge - Fixed an issue where the rank progression chart may not work when non-default ranks are used. - Fixed an issue where the achievements rebuild may fail. - Fixed an issue where content tags from content created by the RSS Import feature could be associated with a guest account. - Fixed an issue where alerts could not be dismissed if they had long titles. - Fixed an issue where search options may break on profiles when status updates were disabled. Pages - Fixed an issue where orphaned categories could break syncing from topics. - Fixed an issue when using the REST API to fetch records where fields may not have the image lazyload removed. Forums - Added multiple improvements to "Mark as solution" including a re-engagement email, new UI to prompt authors to mark a reply as the solution and new stats. - Fixed an issue where the default forum views may not be used for guests. - Fixed an issue where soft deleted items may be archived and then subsequently deleted leaving orphaned reports. - Fixed an issue where a malformed findComment link caused a 404 error instead of loading the topic from the start. Commerce - Fixed a typo on the invoice settings page. - Fixed an issue on the credits page - Fixed an issue where deleting a subscription package would leave some orphaned data in the database. Changes affecting third-party developers and designers - Fixed an issue where plugin index.html files may get included as CSS causing a browser rendering issue.  
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