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  1. Then you best provide a link so that i can take a look then...can't help with the basic comment you have provided.
  2. Pending approval: IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This plugin was created to extend functionality provided by @newbie LAC's existing (NB40) Separate Pinned Topics plugin and therefore requires that you have already purchased and use that plugin. Do not purchase this plugin if you are not already using the above plugin. What does this plugin do? Using jQuery, provides functionality for the 'Pinned Topics' section to be automatically collapsed when a forum's index page is loaded. Admin has the ability to ensure that 'Featured' and 'Unread' pinned topics are always displayed. control the speed at which the expand/collapse effect takes place (slow or fast) User can click on the 'Pinned Topics' header to expand/collapse the listing of topics. Note: This plugin has been developed with the IPS default theme in mind, and has not been tested on any other themes. If you are using a theme which has made changes to the html upon which this plugin acts, and it fails to work as a result, then please post in the Support Topic and provide a link to your site for review.
  3. What's new in v1.2.0 plugin setting added to apply additional control over the native IPS embedded video functionality. plugin setting added to re-apply the 'Download attachments' permission to native IPS embedded videos. see IPS 4.3 video bypasses download permissions for attachments for further details. What's fixed in v1.2.0 fixed a DOM parsing issue that resulted in emojis being presented in their ASCII format, causing a display issue if Twitter style or EmojiOne style emojis were being used.
  4. What's fixed in 2.2.3 further enhancement to previous fix: fixed a DOM parsing issue that resulted in emojis being presented in their ASCII format, causing a display issue if Twitter style or EmojiOne style emojis were being used. What's new in 2.2.2 emojis can now be hidden using the modified 'Also hide emoticons' setting on the Images tab (now titled 'Also hide emoticons/emojis')
  5. @Rolle Are you self-hosted? If so, would it be possible to get FTP access to your installations plugin\nehtml5audiovideoplayer folder? I'd like to test out the fix for this issue to confirm it works (all good here, just want to be 100% sure) before I release the next update. If it is possible, then send me over the ftp details and I'll login and put the fix in place manually.
  6. Found the issue, will hopefully have a fix out with other IPS 4.3 compatibility in a few days time.
  7. Just grabbed a few minutes to test this out, and I'm not seeing any obvious errors related to emoji when this plugin is enabled....no broken images like you display in the provided link above. Scratch that - just spotted a possible problem.
  8. What's fixed in v1.0.1 fixed issue with select boxes not displaying correct choices options after a save. What's new in v1.0.1 added option to allow control over whether a user group can automatically embed internal IPS links (note: if you have disabled the 'Automatically embed links' setting either globally or via my (NE) Per-group 'Posting' settings plugin then this new setting is irrelevant and will have no effect)
  9. Did you put the provided htaccess file in place as described? Your config might be conflicting with something that is native to the software, so it would be a good idea to revert your own config and use the IPS functionality 'as is'
  10. Thanks - next time it happens, don't perform the workaround you are performing please. Please note what actions you have taken prior to the issue being observed and send those details to me along with your site details and login credentials to your ACP, so that I can take a closer look. Your issue is not reproducible at all here.
  11. OK - 'crash' = not a good choice of words. To clarify - everything works fine for a short while, then the topic stops displaying the dice?
  12. Already tested and worked fine last time. Will take a look when I've got some time.
  13. What's fixed in v1.1.5 further fix to resolve conflicts with the new native IPS video embed functionality.
  14. Send me site details and login information via pm please.
  15. I'd prefer not to get in to the analysis of the actual content of the post as it would require just that....the analysis of the content. It will add on additional overheard. I'll keep it in the back of my mind for future, but unless you hear me saying I will be doing it then don't expect it.
  16. What's new in 2.2.1 Added functionality to hide the new native IPS video player in IPS 4.3
  17. What's fixed in v1.1.4 initial IPS 4.3 compatibility release, fixing an issue where plugin was conflicting with the new native IPS video embed functionality.
  18. I've put out v1.0.5a to fix this issue specifically. v1.0.6 will have additional items for posts/pages on which ads can be displayed.
  19. You're overthinking it ? Anyway....as mentioned....next release has a few additional items in it which make loads of choices possible. There will also be an enhancement to the change I made with v1.0.5 - that change was needed because I found a problem with the plugin affecting posting replies to a topic, and that's a show-stopper for forums hence the release. That change, however, also affects the displaying of an ad when using pagination - that will be resolved in the next release.
  20. Have added some additional options to cover "X number of posts" scenarios - will be in the next release. Have added a little something to help with this, when "First and last post on each page" or "Last post on each page" has been selected - will be in the next release.
  21. What's fixed in v1.0.5 - fixed issue with topic replies not submitting via Ajax. - fixed display issue with settings
  22. I've been toying with a few extra options there so will take a look.
  23. Nice one...thanks for purchasing. I'll do an update soon to hide that paragraph setting for enabled = off though. ?
  24. Have you tried toggling that 'Enable' option? Have to ask the obvious, based off the screenshot. And only ads with a 'custom' location will be available as within the content is a custom location.
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