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  1. It's hard to believe, but when I registered here I was just shy of 14. I'm almost 28. I'm user #306. These forums were very different back in 2004, and attracted a lot of cool people. Those very people have moved on with their lives (as have I). Forums boomed from 2002 through 2008 because there simple wasn't an alternative. 2009 marked a turning point for many technologies. The financial panic created a "shake out" not just on the Internet, but in the physical world. People looked at budgets and looked at alternative tools. Communities utilizing forum software will always be around,
  2. Check out this Adobe Edge Web site.. http://edgekingdom.com/ Has anyone used the product? It's pretty sweet!
  3. When you register, you can select the radio button/text... but, on the subscriptions tab, only the radio button is selectable. Also, do you think Amazon Payments will be supported at all? Thanks
  4. Is there a way to make it so, you can select the text besides the radio button?
  5. When a user goes through and makes a purchase, do they get redirected back to my site?
  6. Also, do we have to set up the website redirect in our paypal options, or once the user goes to pay, does it redirect them back to our forums?
  7. Michael, Is there a way to enable the ENHANCED paypal page? I notice that it defaults to classic.
  8. which one do you guys think is better?
  9. Is it possible to display latest posts from a specific forum, rather than from all forums?
  10. I'm confused. There are two search boxes... I see now.
  11. How do we edit the footer, the 'v1.0.1' and based on portal feature? I'd like to consolidate this to one line.
  12. There is no search in the marketplace... please add this!
  13. I changed it.. It still doesn't help me with replacing the Portal language tab Also - is the Portal one page only? Am I able to make other pages?
  14. Okay, I am trying to edit the language, but it says Protected Language Pack? I tried to edit the php portal_public to change some text, but I am not able to see it
  15. I fixed the url issue, but how can i remove the 'portal tab' so my tabs are not duplicate? or, can I rearrange the tabs?
  16. Is there a way to remove the portal tab? The portal is my main page's site. Also, why do the urls in my forum go to /index.php?/members, instead of just /members?
  17. The nice rhing about the iPad is you don't need many apps... I wish it was 12-inch because the screen shrinks webpages 10% or so to fit the 1024x768 resolution.
  18. Martin, how do you get the screenshot from your iPad/iPhone to the uploader? I upload via picasa, and then copy the url to imgur
  19. Yes! Any iOS device... I didn't realize this thread would be so quiet!
  20. Installed Apps: Art Studio Bloomberg Splashtop Kindle Penultimate TuneIn 15 various EA Mobile and Sega games... Altered Beast and Reckless Racing!
  21. I wrote a chatroom several years ago; for every user the server was queried 5 times every 10 seconds
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