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  1. Download: Ajax Live Search

    Not tested, but i am almost sure. I don't see checks for the forum permissions I am talking about these forum permissions: So if they change the hidden value "WHERE forum_id IN ( $forum_ids )" will also be changed. Hopefully you understand me now :P
  2. Download: Ajax Live Search

    Ok. You defined the searchable topics in the hidden value (Which can be edited by everyone via inspect elements). People can change which forums they want to see via the live search. Even hidden forums (Think about a forum only for administrators, moderators etc.) So they can get the topics in the hidden forums. Not a big problem, but what if you include secret information in the topic title? Hidden input > GET Parameter > Your PHP file > Query.. without any checks.
  3. Download: Ajax Live Search

    Are you talking about the als_search.php? I don't see any permission checks there.
  4. Download: Ajax Live Search

    Ok, i just tried some things but your hook is not safe to use. People can easily change the hidden values via inspect element.
  5. Download: Ajax Live Search

    I like your idea, however your implantation looks a little bit strange to me. Why not prototype and ajax? That would make it even easier for you. So imho the implantation is bad (sorry :P) But overall a good hook and addition for my board. Thanks!
  6. Download: (EJ33) ad block Blocker

    Im gonna rewrite this hook in the next days. (however it still works for 3.3.4)
  7. Too busy with my job : (

  8. Download: Red Clean

    Can be easy changed in 3 seconds. Anyway no time yesterday, i will update this skin in an hour.
  9. Maxx 2012: The Most Advanced Skin.

    5 stars from me. Someone voted 1 without reason? >_<
  10. Download: Red Clean

    I update the skin tonight or tommorow :)
  11. Download: Red Clean

    Ok, i will update this skin in 3 days (Busy with an another skin atm :P)
  12. Download: Red Clean

    yeah if you wan i can update the skin in 2 days to ipb 3.3.3. Actually i decide to update none of these 'clean' group skins but if you really want i will do it.
  13. The sidebar is a little bit too orange now :P

    1. z1000-forum.de


      don't struggle with coloring up your board too ;-)

    2. Poison Light

      Poison Light

      haha, good releases (:

  14. Download: Paerula (3 Colors)

    Ok, thank you :)
  15. Download: Paerula (3 Colors)

    But it is an inline css (<p style="color blablabla"></p>) So i am almost sure its not a problem from my skin. Also installed the skin on an other board but i cannot reproduce black colors :S. Someone else?