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  1. Dmacleo, Can you maybe help me with the error I'm getting when I go into edit my Custom Side Bar blocks: Fatal error: Call to undefined method parseBbcode::showEditor() in /home/twentysi/public_html/admin/applications_addon/other/customSidebarBlocks/skin_cp/cp_skin_e_CSB.php on line 52 Any help would be appreciated -Greg
  2. Hopefully Eric will check this support thread soon!
  3. Eric, I'm trying to update one of my blocks and I get this error: Fatal error: Call to undefined method parseBbcode::showEditor() in /home/twentysi/public_html/admin/applications_addon/other/customSidebarBlocks/skin_cp/cp_skin_e_CSB.php on line 52 Any help?
  4. Eric, Since my upgrade to IP.Board 3.4.2, my custom blocks are missing entirely. Any help with this or is there an update? This there error I get when I click on the page in my CP: Fatal error: Call to undefined method parseBbcode::showEditor() in /home/twentysi/public_html/admin/applications_addon/other/customSidebarBlocks/skin_cp/cp_skin_e_CSB.php on line 52 Thank you.
  5. Emoney, What would this code be for just a 2 ads, side by side, not 4, with the same padding?
  6. Great hook and I agree on an X and maybe being able to place the message on the board in a different place. Very cool though, I have it up now!
  7. emoney, I know I've read that you have a "rotating ad" code, out of the box somewhere. Do you have a link so I could see a sample of this in action? Thanks!
  8. ebmoney, I have created 2 custom sidebar blocks and they are on the top of the default blocks. Is there a way to place one on top of the default blocks and one the bottom of the default blocks? In the manage blocks page, it just the whole hook I can move, which moves both I have created. Best app ever!
  9. Stoo2000 I have the key: ABQIAAAAYET4Ot6hNf5nn0mXuE1KbBRnfGe34vJuF95OmlxYBx_82rz4chSIx4pe6T73nlqMwPK2Zpz9k1uvMg And this is the java key: <script src="http://maps.google.com/maps?file=api&amp;v=2&amp;sensor=true_or_false&amp;key=ABQIAAAAYET4Ot6hNf5nn0mXuE1KbBRnfGe34vJuF95OmlxYBx_82rz4chSIx4pe6T73nlqMwPK2Zpz9k1uvMg" type="text/javascript"></script> Whn it asks to set the sensor parameter to true/false, what does that mean?
  10. Stoo2000, Any help on loading my Google Maps API Key? I have the page open on google where it shows my API key in a box, then below has 3 different samples of map; Java, Flash and HTTP. Which one do I use for this? Then I have to set the sensor parameter? What does this mean? Sorry, I m a real noobie and it can be a little confusing not knowing this type of stuff. Im getting this error: Fatal error: Call to a member function mapTemplate() on a non-object in /home/twentysi/public_html/admin/applications_addon/other/membermap/modules_public/membermap/map.php on line 318
  11. Tom, If you could, I would really appreciate clear instructions...I'm great with following the breadcrumbs! Could you email it to me? greg at twentysixtwo.com
  12. Stuart, So the contents inside are the public and admin folders, do i upload both of those? Or do I keep opening those up?
  13. Tom, I have purchased this skin a little while ago but have not put it in place. Honeslty, it's because I'm not comfortable doing this and am worried onhow to do it. I've read the how to's and such, but it's very confusing to a newbie like me. I want to use your skin, would you be able to help me?
  14. Stuart, I;m still having a hard time. COuld I give you FTP access to take a look at it?
  15. Can someone help me out with install? I've uploaded the 1.0.7 folder to my public_html folder (where i can see my conf_global.php file) So i hope this is the right place. But when I go into my ACP - manage application and modules, I don't see the Unistalled app with this app in it. Any help?
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