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  1. My spelling was never the best. haha. I was actually at the game this past Tuesday. Damn our OT game is seriously so bad.
  2. When I click on the "update available link from IPS Admin section, it seems to take me to a broken page. Not sure if you are able to change that link or not.
  3. Wow, you are incredible, thanks for the lovely additions based on feedback.
  4. Same for me. I have mine set up to set their secondary group. I have two listed under this plugin. One is ticked by default. It would be nice if it was not ticked by default and the user had to select at least one to create their profile.
  5. I had a question on how this works on mobile? Most of my community members visit from their phones. Can anyone let me know what the experience is like? By mobile, I mean mobile web browser.
    It works like it says but would love to see some metrics around this. If I start a Welcome message, I would love to see how many messages were sent during that time frame. Then if I change it, I'd like to see the same kind of data. A welcome message might change over time or I want to test to see what resonates better with my community.
  6. I would love to link to Drive and it launch on a users phone (if they have the app). I need to upload APK for quick testing and I'd like to link to drive to be able to do this as I'm not able to upload the file directly through the platform. Only part of the app downloads.
  7. Not sure what you mean by multi select. If you check out my site vip.swiftkey.com, we have different forums. iOS Beta Android Beta Android-User-toUser I would like to be able to see who the top posters were in each different main forum. It would also be great if I had the ability to show or hide to users. Thanks, RYan
  8. I like the idea of this plugin but would like to see the addition of being able to select certain forums. I want to see top posters for a specific forum and not site wide. This is what would be super key for me and willing to pay for it. Best, Ryan
  9. Still trying to find cool little things to add, but this is where we are at not http://vip.swiftkey.com/
  10. This is slick. I got it installed but I'm getting plagued by issues where when I have the option to edit a text box or add a file, the text box never shows up and I can only add media files. I've filed a support request and waiting on some stuff to get it sorted.
  11. I tried to edit the OG validation email and (the bottom box in IPS 4) and nothing was changed. Do I need to edit the top HTML box?
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