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  1. Issue Preamble This issue seems very minor, but it creates unforeseen, difficult-to-fix issues down the road for the owner of IPS. What Is It? Hovering the mouse over tabs has different effects in different browsers and even different machines. Here is an example of how hovering the cursor over menu tabs has different effects in Firefox and Edge: - No tabs were clicked in this GIF. Double The Inconsistency! I know for a fact that the inconsistency does not show up on all computers. I have the issue on my desktop, but I didn't have it last time I checked on my laptop (using the same browser with the same update). So this isn't just inconsistent between browsers but also users/computers. This makes the issue extremely hard to fix, prevent or work around for IPS owners and skin creators. And it WILL frustrate users, as I'll explain below. When Is It Worst? This little inconsistency or bug will create issues for an unknown percentage of our users, when the forum is using different skins than the original. As an example, it means that I have to click twice on any menu item with the skin I am using, when I use my desktop with Firefox or Chrome (such an insult that it only works as intended on Edge, haha). With the skin I am using, a drop down menu appears when I hover. But in Chrome/Firefox, I have to click twice for it to react in Chrome/FF, because of this seemingly harmless inconsistency in the default theme. New users experiencing this issue will most likely just go away and not come back, without reporting the (for them) glaringly obvious issue. And if they do report it but you as an owner don't have the same issue, what can you really do if you can't reproduce it? If you feel like it, you can check out if you have the same issue or not on my site, www.uniforum.dk - that is where I've done all my testing and had any issues. However, I've seen other IPS owners on other forums than mine have the same issue. Closing Thoughts You could say that this is a skin-creator issue, but really it is not, IMHO. They can't take into account issues that they cannot necessarily reproduce. I hope someone here has the experience needed and can take a look into something as inconsistent as this. Cheers!
  2. I've just encountered a bug. I have a bunch of categories, each with a default collab that I've made invisible and flagged as Model. This way, users can make their own collabs and they are all made to specifications in advance. Great! However, I decided to make a new, updated default model. I deleted the old default collab from each category, moved in the new and flagged it as Model instead. However, now two models pop up when a user wants to make a new collab - the old and the new - and I cannot unflag the old Model because... I've deleted it. I'm seemingly stuck with it forever as an option to confuse my users. Options looks like this: I'll work around it by creating new categories and move everything over. Just thought I'd you all know to look out for it and maybe @Kevin Carwile can find a fix at some time, if it is reproduce-able by others. Cheers.
  3. With the default theme; when I hover my cursor over a menu tab in Firefox or Edge, the tab changes. It doesn't in Chrome (giving me quite the headache with my theme). You can try it out on my site landing-page, if you enable the default theme in the bottom. Here you can see the issue; in both instances I've clicked the first tab and am hovering my mouse cursor over the tab ringed in red. Chrome - the tab just highlights: Firefox (and Edge) - the tab shifts: It's close to a non-issue in the default theme, but results in users having to click twice when using the non-default theme, every time they use a different menu.tab. However, I'm not sure this happens for everyone using chrome, so I was wondering what people in here experiences? A simple "I (don't?) have it in Chrome" would mean a lot to me. Cheers!
  4. Yep - even said so in my post The thing is, the issue isn't an eyesore with the default theme, but it is with the custom theme. It does (unless I am misunderstanding you). When I fill the empty class with ipsTab_panels it looks all fine. Well, I guess that depends on one's tolerance for errors; here it clearly becomes an eyesore. Anyways, good news! - initially I managed a quick, dirty fix just by adding some white background via the ID on my own, but @newbie LAC REALLY saves the day in style - Thank you!! And thank you all for being helpful
  5. Thanks @Meddysong - no luck that way around though :-( I tried searching for the ID before the empty class as well, no luck first time around, until I realized I should only search for part of the ID. Now I believe it is a genuine bug with the ipsTabs_content_ code. But I'm in way over my head; I may just be spewing nonsense. The graphical issue isn't noticeable in the default theme, so I may be very alone with this. Another edit: I tried examining it with firefox's dev-tool, and it displays a slightly different result. Here, it says <ipsTabs_content_form class=""> so it is indeed an empty class, not a typo. For some reason, it seems ipsTabs_panels isn't called. It is the same in the default IPS4.2 theme - the class is empty - but in default it doesn't make a graphical difference.
  6. I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to educate me. On my board, I see an error/bug when I use Group Collaboration with one of Ehren's themes (plenty of code-authors on my board; not pointing fingers here). I've looked at it with chrome's examine tool and found out that it is a result of an empty or unfinished class call. It just says <class> Rather than <class="yada yada"> Here it is, if it provides any additional information: I know how to target classes and ids with custom CSS, but I have no clue how I use the examine tool to give me a pointer, as to which template I should be adding the class' content to. If it is indeed a template I need to fix!? I thought this was probably kid's play to some of you seasoned people, so I might as well ask around.
  7. No, it sounds like you might've got this wrong. Of course I may be mistaken somehow, but then I hope someone will correct me. Users cannot create Pages. With GC they can create their own forums with their own, local moderators. Me, I'm making a default collab which will be how every new collab is. This includes permissions for their local moderators. BTW, if you do that, be careful not to include posts in the flagged default collab - on my board, that seems to create some issues. Even if you create a post and delete it again, that collab is "infected" and can no longer be used as the default. Dunno why. GC is awesome and as soon as I've actually used it with members and such, I'll be sure to leave some feedback and a rating
  8. I just installed it on Seems to work just fine
  9. Thanks guys, I'll give it a read.
  10. Hello - I was wondering if anyone knows, if it is possible to make a separate landing-page for users connecting with a smartphone or tablet? My site, aimed at my nation's university-students, looks fine from a laptop or battlestation, but it is an ungodly Wall of Text if I use a smartphone. I'm really worried that new users, casually checking out my site on a smarthone when they hear of it, will be scared off. I'm contemplating making a dedicated, icon-based landingpage for smartphones. I just have no idea how or if it is even possible.
  11. I have this minor bug for guests as well.
  12. Hej Claus

    Der opstår en mærkelig fejl i ACP når jeg bruger oversættelsen. Når jeg prøver at lave en kategori i databaser kan den ikke gemmes, og Forum-fanen er helt hen i vejret og viser "Overblik" (Dashboard).

    Fejlen forsvinder igen, når jeg deaktiverer dansk som sprog.

    VH Mads

  13. I've bought a translation-pack for my language, but not all Apps have been translated, so I thought I'd start fixing that. However, when I try to translate a "browse" key in "System" and save it, it reverts as soon as I reload the tab I'm working in and if I do not reload the tab and it says "saved", it still doesn't update on my forum. Has anyone run into a similar issue? Any known fix or advice?
  14. I've just started editing the custom CSS for the first time, to be able to style some pages just a bit more to my liking. However, this messes with the mobile layout (I'm just adding a div class via the WYSIWYG html). Does anyone know how to make sure a class doesn't affect what happens on mobile?
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