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  1. Hey Colin guess who LOL

    1. jsbean


      This has everything I wanted in phpBB we will be switching to IPB ASAP :P As soon as funds allow anyway lol

  2. i my self well be getting a macbook air for school in the next months. my HP is to heavy to Cary around with all my textbooks and binders. *I my self don`t find them over priced, i find PC`s much like everything now... to cheap but that`s JMO* I myself love the UI that OSX has. I currtley can not stand windows, but at current time the school only wants me to use Windows. My first laptop was a very old (10 ish years) Macbook....
  3. Ummm yall must have better ISP's then me... They use roundcube (the only part i like). The fact that i get little amount of storage... the fact that it is a .tv email? Nope i am going to stay with Gmail for personal email. And i also use my webmail for my domain names. That takes care of all i need :)
  4. Watching Acient Ailens Season two... Hummm some stuff makes sense

  5. They never realse a date in pupblic. is what is allways said :) i would think it is soon though
  6. Takes a break from coding WordPress template

  7. Renewed licesence yesterday. even though it was good till the 24 lol. But know it's good for antother 6 months :) my time goes fast

    1. DeRealDeano


      I'm telling you lol.

    2. Cmarenburg


      Yah my little nephew is 7 1/2 months old :O

  8. Hi, I belive this well change. I think it's the fact that there template has not been updated yet.
  9. That was right along the time line i thought. I think Beta 3 welll be a bit longer then beta 2 was but shorter then Beta 1..... Just a guess

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    2. Cmarenburg


      ahhh Okay. That makes more sense :)

    3. MageLeif


      Happy to see things picking up.

    4. .Ian


      Rev - he shouldn't have let his garden get overgrown! ;)

  10. Getting tried off the CRTC controling the ammount of "Non Canadian" music/TV shows we can watch :/

  11. Wish more people would use google check out

  12. Have a bunch of prepaid visas with random amounts on them. Don't know what to do with them

    1. CDMS


      Buy a forum?

    2. Alex K.

      Alex K.


    3. Cmarenburg


      haha i wish i could by another licsine. Just tried to buy some thing only meathed of payment was paypal. Had 50.00 on that the item total came out to 49.27 or some thing and i cant buy the itme cause paypal "Validates" your card with a 1.00 fee GD paypal.

  13. Yes this is what i use also. I find it is every thing i have needed. (Terminal & FTP. etc)
  14. Love IPS support! I sent in a ticket and 3 min later there was a reply. i was like "WOW" good job IPS your support is second to none!

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