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  1. Cmarenburg

    Just bought how long for verification?

    Yes, it's noarmly not more then a day, most times just a few hours! Welcome
  2. Cmarenburg

    Little questions before buying a licence

    Hello Arsuki, 1) Yes it is possible to have more then one skin, if you look at the bottom right next to the rss icon there is a link named "Change Theme" Just simply click on that. 2)Yes you can create your own custom BBcode, and it is easy to do. 3) You could look at using IPS's official addon, Ip.Content it well allow you to add pages with a few clicks, and it well be easy(ish) to move from Wordpress to IP.Content how ever there is no converter so you would have to Copy & Paste. Ip.Content is making leaps & Bounds for the next realse ( See about them in the Company Blogs ) I can't help you with your last question as i have never looked into it.
  3. Cmarenburg

    Questions IP.Content

    Hi there, If you know sufficient HTML/CSS/php you well be able to design it to look like that site. Yes if you were to set up a custom database, and say have a "News writers" group you could apply appropriate permissons to allow only some users to make articles
  4. Cmarenburg


    Thanks Mark! Great to know!
  5. Cmarenburg


    Hey There, I am working on an app that's going to use IPB's Session's and Member's Id (just so i don't have to custom code it my self) it's not going to be an mod. What i would like to do is offer a free version (with ad's) and a paid version(with out ad's) I know IP.Neuxs can handle both of these elements (ad's and Paid member ships) How ever i would like to know how well they can integrate together along with an app. The forums well be at my.tld/forums/ and the app is at the root so you would go to my.tld. Anyways can Ip.Nexus be integrated with an app outside of the forums directory? IF you need clarification as to what i mean go a head and ask.
  6. Hey Colin guess who LOL

    1. jsbean


      This has everything I wanted in phpBB we will be switching to IPB ASAP :P As soon as funds allow anyway lol

  7. Cmarenburg

    My first ever Mac

    i my self well be getting a macbook air for school in the next months. my HP is to heavy to Cary around with all my textbooks and binders. *I my self don`t find them over priced, i find PC`s much like everything now... to cheap but that`s JMO* I myself love the UI that OSX has. I currtley can not stand windows, but at current time the school only wants me to use Windows. My first laptop was a very old (10 ish years) Macbook....
  8. Cmarenburg

    Considering transferring to IPS

    Hello, Yes everything ( to my knowledge) well be transferred to IPS. Templates are ok to edit.
  9. Cmarenburg

    Adding a domain

    Hello, What do you mean? Do you have a hosted account with IPS? Or do you have self hosted? If you would like to change the domain that is on your self hosted account you should send a ticket in. If it is hosted i am not sure. You can only use the script (Ip.Board,IP.Content ect) on one domain at a time
  10. Cmarenburg

    Wanting to Renew my account

    Hey there, If you renew you well be able to acess 3.2 and upgrade :) you well not have to buy the licsence again. 3. I belive you well not lose any information
  11. Cmarenburg

    IP Content worth it?

    Ok... Who are you trying to kid? It does not have limited features you just have to be willing to code! It is not a mess. But yes it is not well documented although there is some on it. The support i have gotten from IPS has been very good...
  12. Cmarenburg

    Why are some people against gmail?

    Ummm yall must have better ISP's then me... They use roundcube (the only part i like). The fact that i get little amount of storage... the fact that it is a .tv email? Nope i am going to stay with Gmail for personal email. And i also use my webmail for my domain names. That takes care of all i need :)
  13. Cmarenburg

    Download: Bouncy Sticky Notes

    Hi, Well this be updated for 3.2?
  14. Cmarenburg

    Fill me in people'

    Hi, Don't think they would work with 3.2 yet a fair bit has changed.
  15. Cmarenburg

    Fill me in people'

    Welcome! Glad to see you bought the suite so fast!