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  1. htaccess for IPS Forums

    Thanks for this code I will test it out today, there shouldnt be any issues with v4.1.19.4? And just to confirm I just add this code to my /forums/ directory?
  2. I am shocked that Nexus/commerce does not use scaled down thumbnails, isnt this a normal feature of all Gallery and Commerce products? I was testing my site with thinkwithgoogle.com and noticed I was getting very low scores for my main index page which is using Nexus, when I removed the 'popular' 'new' and 'featured' thumbnails my score jumped back up to normal, then I realised that the thumbnails are actually the original full sized images... contacted support and apparently this is working as intended... In this day of age where mobile and fast loading pages are a must, Im surprised thumbnail creation is not available.
  3. New: Commerce Improvements

    Would love to see more control over the main store page, for example thumbnail sizes. Also the option to not renew subsriptions automatically, allowing users the choice to renew. Apart from that loving Nexus
  4. IP.Nexus membership

    Also would like to see this added
  5. Also just upgraded to IPB4 from IPB3, and I am having the same issue. I want my customers to have the choice to renew after 1 year, not get automatically billed. Dunno why they removed this option and Im now regretting upgrading my forum
  6. IP.Nexus Dev Update - Incoming Emails [Updated]

    The link to the tutorial: http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/documentation/index.html/_/hidden-staff-only/incomingemailsphp-r371 Does not work anymore: The server made a boo boo.
  7. Invision skins

    Thanks mate thats what i needed to know ;)
  8. Invision skins

    I am currently a vBulletin skin designer but i have been asked alot to port my skins to Invision. To create Invision skins do i need all the modules or just the main $150USD package?