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  1. Been using that method for almost 10 years now. It works very well. And when you make changes in staff, all you need to do is go into cPanel and remove/add email addresses for the forwarding. :)
  2. Very easy to do. Create a generic site administrative email address (admin@yourdomain.com), and use that for the notifications. In your server's cPanel screen (or whatever software your host uses), set up forwards for the site address to all the administrator's real email accounts.
  3. Ticketing systems normally don't care much about authenticating users to the ticket software itself. Forums, on the other hand, would need a way to verify that the user sending an email into the system is authorized to do so. Not sure how one would do that.
  4. While I can appreciate the issues that occurred in the past, preventing alternate contacts from downloading the software doesn't cure the problem. There is nothing that prohibits the purchaser from downloading the software and providing it to their friends, nor does it prevent anyone from selling a so called license. If someone is going to pirate the software, they're going to do it regardless of what's in place. All you've done is prevented them easily obtaining it at the source. However, it's not going to prevent anyone from obtaining the software if they really want it badly enough. Preventing it at the source doesn't cure the problem. However, it does create additional headaches for those of us that DO have a valid need for it.
  5. That's cold man... Cold... I like it!
  6. I ride a Geezer Glide, hang out with a crowd that your mother warned you about, and my idea of acceptable most likely doesn't fall under the proper "corporate image". :lol: So yes, I WOULD wear a shirt like that! I think a nice IPB logo on the front, with Calvin doing his thing to a vB logo on the back would be priceless.
  7. At double the price of a regular license? I don't think so. Considering I do all the work on the server, and the majority of the work within the forums, it makes absolutely no sense to purchase something that I would rarely, if ever, use.
  8. And for those sites that don't have a business license? Doesn't help them at all. I'm all for finding a way that allows the alternate contacts to do what they need to do, but let's not forget those sites that aren't a business. As I stated earlier, I'm willing to provide personal information to verify who I am. But to limit this to just business licenses doesn't solve the underlying issue for those sites that aren't businesses.
  9. But it would as you are sending it to two totally different locations. By sending it to "localhost", the resolver kicks in to resolve the host name for the headers. By specifying the actual SMTP server in the other example, it is sent to that specific location, which handles the headers. IPB doesn't do anything with the mail headers. It's all at the server level.
  10. There are a lot of things that vBulletin does that probably shouldn't happen. Query creep is not a good thing, and forums were suffering for it.
  11. You're running this on a PC?!!! The server.. What Operating System is on your server. This is the system that is hosting your forum.
  12. 1. Is your server a Windows server or Linux server? 2. What FTP software are you using? /me grumbles about how Windows and OS X has created an entire generation of click happy users who don't know the first thing about directories and attributes.
  13. If I recall, all the forum software is doing is forwarding the message to the specified mail handler. It doesn't have any input as to what the headers will reveal. The information in your headers is resolved at the server level by the resolver and mail program itself.
  14. The directory on the server either does not exist, or you haven't assigned write permissions to it.
  15. Even the report center is going to have limitations on who can and cannot view it. I went through something similar in trying to give a specialized usergroup access to the report center along with the reports it contained. I managed to get it working, but not without some frustration on my part.
  16. Works fine for me as well. Opera 10.11 / i686,
  17. I don't think there is a way to force it without modification. It's one of the reasons why I turned it off.
  18. LOL! And you've been using the software longer than I have!
  19. ACP -> System Settings -> Security and Privacy. All the way at the bottom. Turn Disable admin groups viewing online users IP address in online user list? off.
  20. Private sites don't fall under the COPPA rules. If it's a commercial site that sells something and/or targets children specifically, then yes, it falls under COPPA.
  21. Yep.. The IP addresses show, but one must copy and paste. Making them clickable to use the IP Tool would make things MUCH easier.
  22. And kids don't lie about their age to gain access to things? COPPA is a joke.
  23. It would be nice to be able to use IP Tools via the Active Users page by making the listed IP addresses clickable. :)
  24. You're joking, right? Allowing viewing access to certain parts of the forum can be used as a teaser to get guests to join and participate. Just because I block guest access from various parts of the forum as part of the registration and anti-spam measures should not be taken as an overriding concern for privacy.
  25. There are a lot of things guests aren't allowed to see in the forum. And preventing guests from profiles is also an anti-spam measure.
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