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  1. Time to break this 3.2 stuff.

  2. I am backkkk

    1. Connor T

      Connor T

      Time for some security bugs

    2. xCurlyx
    3. .Peter


      I don't know you but welcome.

  3. Do you provide ip.content consulting?

  4. Nice work with the flash embedding. :D

  5. I laugh. This vulnerability is entirely unfeasible and no one will do this unless you have some really desperate enemies. Why do you not understand that the difficult part is getting your cookies itself? Do you hand them out on a plate, or give them to Santa with milk? Dx
  6. You misspelled license. Alright, fine, you win this argument. Thanks Wolfie for the support. :)
  7. If somehow the security and customizability of vbulletin (look at all the mods at vbulletin.org) could be combined with the management at IPS, the result would be the best forum software ever. I'm sort of working on IP.Board's security, but I will have to keep using vBulletin as I have customized and modified it too much.
  8. I don't think you understood the original request, Amy.
  9. You are the most awesome hacker I know!

  10. I'd love a button I could click to get rid of all the messages posted on my profile. It really is a pain to have to click delete for every message individually.
  11. Yeah I found the vulnerability report somewhere and decided to see if I could actually write a full blown exploit for it. That one is particularly easy to use. :ph34r: Anyway, stay up to date and you should be safe, I usually report anything I find before I decide to have fun with it. Although, of course, I'm not the only one writing exploits out there.
  12. You are the most awesome hacker I know!

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