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  1. Send you friend request on steam. Thank you.
  2. Is it possible to add category in display for games? Polish up user interface so that different games are listed in different categories? Also within game - is their any way to filter the server with predefined sub category ? Ex - ET has different mods, same for COD4, etc. So it should be like - - ET -- Mods - COD4 -- Mods In the right side - user can filter with mods. Right now if we run 30 servers, it's hard for users to filter and list becomes huge. So i want to give option to user to see full list on first page and on right side corner - one more option to filter with games + mods. @devu4 - Also can u please add Day of Infamy ? I don't see that in list.
  3. Hello, I deleted the topic which was created from PM. It ended up deleting PM?? How come??
  4. @Matt It would be nice to have this option for Bulk emails to reduce spam 🙂 I am hoping it makes it in 4.5 so addons also can make use of it. Thank you
  5. What's an issue in using shell or any other stats processing application?
  6. Share the dark side! 🙂 PS I see referred by Matt!! - Looks like some referral stuff, kicking in? Would be nice to have dynamic signatures generator for each member so that they can use same on other sites and/or promotions and/or personalized signature based on variable things.
  7. AlexJ


    @InvisionHQ - Are the above reported issues, fixed?
  8. Can you make it so that geolocation service is not required and it works on IP being used by user's itself? Also possible to add support for CIDR ?
  9. Bumping this.. if any solution.. anyone has it.
  10. My apologies was not aware of it. I thought they did. I am not a heavy twitch user but people use that on our servers, like 24 x 7 now a days.
  11. @opentype Can I use your front page block to replace mine? Would it work with side bars? Can u pls confirm? Thank you. https://fearless-assassins.com/index.html/
    It does what it says and most important - @Adriano Faria is always open to feedback plus enhancing the addon unlike some other developers who sometimes show attitude for enhancements. 5/5 for support and feature wise!
  12. Possible to add Most Purchased or Highest Selling option? So that way i can figure out which add on is popular and see if i need that or not..
  13. Is their any addon which would auto fill post/new topic - so that user can fill in the remaining stuff and create new topic? So that way required information in the first post of topic is pre-populated.. based on different categories? Thanks
  14. How's the performance? If you have bigger site and people posting often - does it add search query all the time? Also default search is AND or OR? Thank you
  15. How to give option for playing mp3/wave files? Right now if i upload wav or mp3 - it goes as attachment and doesn't give playback option.
  16. This feature should be really in-build! It would make Leader-board more useful! Thanks for closing bridge.
  17. 150$ is just ridiculous charging for 1Gb unless it's managed and top notch service but even that's crazy high. IPS doesn't allow hosting discussion but i can suggest some in PM.
  18. We had similar issue - but live test worked fine - Live test works fine -
  19. can 8 teams participate? The reason i am asking is slowly if more teams want to join, how they can join? For FPS gaming - players come and go from active to inactive status. So some times become inactive over the period of time. Hence dynamically changing teams so ladder keep on going and eventually xx teams can join and xx team can challenge YY team without any hassle. At the end of the day - based on score based logic - highest winning team, keeps their rank.
  20. No.. cos right now based on what I see - you can only have set number of teams ie.. 4, 8, 16 and 32.. What if I only get 6 teams to play with? Pretty sure they can compete against each another. I would like to run tournament based on teams which we get rather then setting target and failing in the range and then removing while tournament.
  21. @TheJackal84 - Following up on previous request. Is it possible for you to add that? I would just like simple thing - 3 or 6 players set team and each one can keep challenging and keep scoring. So that way active teams can always continue with tournaments.
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