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  1. Was it implemented? As much as I can see, in last 1 year & 3 month that "new version" is not out still :)
  2. Oh my, looks like I've found the source of the problem. Could you please open frq.xml file in your favorite text editor and replace this line: <hooks_source><![CDATA[class frq extends skin_global(~id~) with this: <hooks_source><![CDATA[class frq extends (~extends~) Than just install this modified version and report back, has the problem gone or not?
  3. Looks like. The problem is not in some version specific code, but it can be in bug in 3.1.0, which prevents the overriding of skin_global class.
  4. Ver 4.0.1 is out: customizable anchors, effects for Info button & buttons under your own avatars. dzbeebo, could you try it instead of 4.0.0, please? ^^
  5. There is a bug in IP.Board witch cases this hook to expand and quote the first member's post in topic instead of current post. Has fixed and re-uploaded hook. Please, re-download.
  6. Was there in 1.x versions, but were moved to user info pane following customers opinions. "Reply", "MultiQuote", "FastQuote"- 3 big 'quoting' buttons is too much for most of us :)
  7. File Name: (RI) Nick and quote to fast reply form File Submitter: Aoyagi Ritsuka File Submitted: 13 Aug 2010 File Updated: 29 Nov 2010 File Category: Hooks and Plugins What's new is 4.0.1: customizable anchors, effects for Info button & buttons under your own avatars. This hook adds 3 additional buttons to the menu under avatar in posts: "Insert Nick" Inserts user's nickname (display name) into fast reply form. "Quote selected text" Copies selected text to fast reply form and formats it with quote tag with all appropriate parameters. If no text is selected it copies all content of current post. "Info" Toggles information blocks under avatar: shows and hides the block with custom profile fields and the warn block. This buttons is needed if you will enable the hiding of this blocks in hook settings. This hiding saves a lot of space on forums where short posts is a common deal. Hook settings (group is placed on "Hooks" tab) includes: - Enabling/disabling buttons one by one, - "Hide custom profile fields", "Hide warning block" options, - icons and altered texts customization, Click here to download this file
  8. Привет русским товарищам! Водка, коммунизм, балалайка, медведь! ^^" Я тут тоже перехожу на лицензию от IPS, так что в ближайшее время будет полный модуль авторизации через ВКонтакте, получше, чем у IBR, плюс релиз некотрых других модов на английском, так что не скучайте :)
  9. It looks like there is an error in your server configuration. There must be a "\n\r\n\r" somewhere in web-server response headers, where it should not be, so, the rest of headers are interpreted as page content.
  10. phpony


    A Walk in Faith, default colour and font for this skin are set either in css and in /style_images/thoreau/customizer.js. If you had set your custom colour and removed selector bar you should also remove a link to this JavaScript file in header, or just adjust settings in it to yours. No1 1000, thanks for this excellent skin. That's the style that IP.Board 3 should have by default ;)
  11. I've updated mine without any problems. Please, feel free to contact me, тем более что мы вроде как давно знакомы ;)
  12. There is only two places where the data loss can be: the mysql connection collation and the option to "remove chr(0xCA) from input" ;) The second one is completely described here: http://forums.ibresource.ru/index.php?showtopic=51483 This is a best part of all topic: "К" and "р" is for cp-1251, with utf-8 we have a combinations of chars, probably including "ш" and "И" too. Just set this option to "off" and check the forum ;)
  13. Buy the way this code contains a possible error - on some servers the query "SHOW CHARSET LIKE.." will return nothing and then the calling of $charset[2] will give you an error message on top of all forum pages. That's the Russian way of coding :D The better way is to use this line: if($charset = mysqli_fetch_row($res)) $this->query( "SET collation_connection = " . $charset[2] ); Instead of this two: $charset = mysqli_fetch_row($res); $this->query( "SET collation_connection = " . $charset[2] ); And the same for lassDbMysqlClient.php.
  14. Ph-A, I'm a proud owner of Russian IP.Board script. They made two subject-related changes in scripts. In file /ips_kernel/classDbMysqlClient.php and in /ips_kernel/classDbMysqliClient.php they extended this block of code: //----------------------------------------- // If there's a charset set, run it //----------------------------------------- if( $this->obj['sql_charset'] ) { $this->query( "SET NAMES '{$this->obj['sql_charset']}'" ); } With this lines for mysqli: //----------------------------------------- // If there's a charset set, run it //----------------------------------------- if( $this->obj['sql_charset'] ) { $this->query( "SET NAMES '{$this->obj['sql_charset']}'" ); $this->query( "SET CHARACTER SET '{$this->obj['sql_charset']}'"); $this->query( "SET character_set_connection = " .$this->obj['sql_charset']); $res = mysqli_query($this->connection_id, "SHOW CHARSET LIKE '" . $this->obj['sql_charset'] . "'" ); $charset = mysqli_fetch_row($res); $this->query( "SET collation_connection = " . $charset[2] ); } And this lines for mysql: //----------------------------------------- // If there's a charset set, run it //----------------------------------------- if( $this->obj['sql_charset'] ) { $this->query( "SET NAMES '{$this->obj['sql_charset']}'" ); $this->query( "SET CHARACTER SET '{$this->obj['sql_charset']}'"); $this->query( "SET character_set_connection = " .$this->obj['sql_charset']); $res = mysql_query($this->connection_id, "SHOW CHARSET LIKE '" . $this->obj['sql_charset'] . "'" ); $charset = mysql_fetch_row($res); $this->query( "SET collation_connection = " . $charset[2] ); }
  15. Could you provide an example unreadable string from your database? The most common case of that problem is having data in DB already encoded in utf8, but named as other charset. In this case you can just make a copy of your database backup, open it in any editor more powerful than notepad, replace string "YOUR_CURRENT_CHARSET" with "UTF8" and then upload it back. After that just run this script again to fix collations where needed and that's all...
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