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  1. It's not about redundancy, there are things worth being given emphasis. imo.
  2. the 'client area' in the dropdown was renamed to marketplace purchases.
  3. so it is resource intensive to calculate it upon every page view. cache it's value whenever a reply is added/removed would be suitable, am i wrong?
  4. thus it removes the unused [blank] part of the side bar.
  5. I wish the -1 button was back so I didn't have to post just to point out I find the current layout nice.
  6. it's all messed up here too, ff4 osx.
  7. Thanks! Cropping is very welcome. ------- Offtopic - I will understand if you don't answer, what do you use to record just part of your screen in the mac(in this case just your browser)?
  8. Great <3 Thanks! I've been using IPC since 1.x and looooooooooving it more every day <3
  9. Great. [quote name='Swiftie' date='21 June 2010 - 01:16 PM'] Would rather they kept on adding features as they have showed with nearly every other blog post than to rush a beta tbh.
  10. every new blog entry just makes me want it even more, Congratulations =)
  11. Thanks, indeed its mostly what i was looking for, going to purchase once its out :) --- Wondering if your able to add a custom script to be run when a package is successfully bought (like in IP.Subscriptions), haven't seen the option in any of your screenshots, perhaps i should post this question in the ip.nexus forum instead...
  12. i disagree, their 2 completely different things.
  13. afaik there is a option under user groups to make the group not appear in the member list.
  14. Thats Great! [quote name='Axel Wers' date='08 February 2010 - 03:59 PM'] OK, issues were fixed and now You can focus on own IPB features. how rude.
  15. I'd purchase IP.Metrics.
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