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  1. Is the chat worth it?

    Why not try it out ? It's free (up to 5 users) for licensed users.
  2. Ajax quick reply

    Ajax this. Ajax that. It sure is a trend...
  3. Another vB user considering IPB

    When I was about to make the switch from Vb to IPB, I knew there were things I'd miss from Vb, but looking at the big(ger) picture, I just had to go for it. Hesitation was nothing more than a waste of time and effort for me as I saw Vb going nowhere. (That was before Kier resigned.) I had been using Vbulletin since 2001 to 2008. Obviously, it was a tough change I had to make, but I had been requesting Vb gallery for 6 years and Vb CMS for 3 years. Vb left me no choice but leave.
  4. Another vB user considering IPB

    If you read around in this pre-sales forum, you will know what's requested the most. From what I saw, "Thank you" mod is requested often. IPB has it already in name of "Reputation", but since it is worded differently, some have a really hard time adapting. Soft-delete: Pretty much all ex-Vb users have been requesting this (not me though), so they are adding it in 3.1. Many other requests are adaption of Vb mods rather than Vb classic features, such auction mods and so on.
  5. Another vB user considering IPB

    Just one advice for former Vb users. Do not expect IPB to be an exact copy of VB because IPB was never meant to be exactly the same with Vbulletin. Its two entirely different scripts with different focuses. It's a common sense actually which many seem to forget. Recently with a lot of people who switched from Vb, they've been voicing for features they had in Vbulletin. While I feel that it is reasonable to expect them to have such expectations and demands, I find it unreasonable to literally determine IPB is inferior simply because a few (indeed, it is - a few -) features are not found in IPB, yet they fail to see so many features which IPB has but VB doesn't. But then I understand that complains are always, always, louder. And a few seemingly angry vocal users make it sound like the whole world is crumbling down to Earth.
  6. Another vB user considering IPB

    Eh, the famous (or is it infamous?) Razasharp of the Vbulletin forum considering the switch ... Yep, Vb must be doing something wrong.
  7. Indeed. Those two are very, very, different. By returning an item you've physically bought, you are allowed to get refund or store credit. Returning a digital software is entirely different as copying such an intellectual property is a piece of cake and takes only few clicks.
  8. Hm? Most of software company that does digital delivery do not guarantee refunds. It's a common sense in this day and age. Furthermore, IPS TOS or agreement should state that there is no refund. Try getting refund with Vbullein also. You will also get "We can't do that for you" stuff. The same with Adobe if you chose digital downloads. Also the same with Microsoft webstore.
  9. IP.Content is a CMS?

    I define IP.C as a CMS, but IPS themselves will not state that IP.C is a CMS. Reason being is that people have all kind of different, weird, awkward, and kinky expectations for CMS, so IPS chose not to call it CMS, thus avoiding unnecessary potential conflicts and demands.
  10. I will be direct. No, I don't think they will refund. For #2, Yes. For #3, IP.Content (CMS for IPB) can have custom databases, so you create a custom database called "article". Then you have an article system. For #4, IP.Download is a download add-on for IPB. You know Vbdownload mod, don't you ? It does the same thing, except it does it far better. For #5, A simple CMS that bases itself on IPB framework to function. The basic concept is akin to VB4 CMS. For #6, For 5 active users, it is free. For more, you need to pay. Mind you that IP.Chat is a hosted addon. For #7, I advise you to browse the IPS website and check bundles. Do some math and homework. For #8, If you've ever installed Vb, it's pretty much the same. For #9, License renewal occurs every 6 months. Check IPS website for renewal costs. All of your questions regarding cost can be answered by just browsing the IPS website.
  11. Yep, I learned it hard ways (attempted 3 times, digichat and all) that people don't come to forum to chat. IM softwares are way too convenient nowadays. I also learned the hard way that chat software by nature is a big security risk and a large burden on server load even on dedicated servers. As for security risk part, this is what normally happens. People chat. They eventually get into an argument. They fight and one of them holds a grudge eventually somehow. A nice (?) reason to initiate all kind of crap (including DDoS). P.S. 20 limit for free? I'd say that is being extremely unreasonable and unrealistic.
  12. Info: How many users use IE6

    According to google analytics for my site, about 6% user uses IE 6 and 0.2% uses IE 5.5. 52% for Firefox 3+.
  13. When IP.Downloads come out?

    Edit : Misunderstood the OP's question.
  14. IP.Chat help!

    Ah ? No. IP.Shoutbox is not an official release as IPS never worked on it. Hmm, and personally I haven't had any problems installing any addons, including IP.Shoutbox. Everything so far worked right out of box.
  15. IP.Chat help!

    Yep, works at times and doesn't at time. I uninstalled it for now. Too unstable for even beta testing. It's more like alpha testing.