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  1. Ajax this. Ajax that. It sure is a trend...
  2. Indeed. Those two are very, very, different. By returning an item you've physically bought, you are allowed to get refund or store credit. Returning a digital software is entirely different as copying such an intellectual property is a piece of cake and takes only few clicks.
  3. Hm? Most of software company that does digital delivery do not guarantee refunds. It's a common sense in this day and age. Furthermore, IPS TOS or agreement should state that there is no refund. Try getting refund with Vbullein also. You will also get "We can't do that for you" stuff. The same with Adobe if you chose digital downloads. Also the same with Microsoft webstore.
  4. Yep, I learned it hard ways (attempted 3 times, digichat and all) that people don't come to forum to chat. IM softwares are way too convenient nowadays. I also learned the hard way that chat software by nature is a big security risk and a large burden on server load even on dedicated servers. As for security risk part, this is what normally happens. People chat. They eventually get into an argument. They fight and one of them holds a grudge eventually somehow. A nice (?) reason to initiate all kind of crap (including DDoS). P.S. 20 limit for free? I'd say that is being extremely unreasonable and unrealistic.
  5. According to google analytics for my site, about 6% user uses IE 6 and 0.2% uses IE 5.5. 52% for Firefox 3+.
  6. Ah ? No. IP.Shoutbox is not an official release as IPS never worked on it. Hmm, and personally I haven't had any problems installing any addons, including IP.Shoutbox. Everything so far worked right out of box.
  7. Yep, works at times and doesn't at time. I uninstalled it for now. Too unstable for even beta testing. It's more like alpha testing.
  8. One huge advantage of hosting the chat by IPS is that pirated borads won't be able to use the chat.
  9. I also operate a dedicated server. Having tried various chat scripts over the years, I wouldn't host my own chat script on my server for both security issues and load issue.
  10. Wasn't CCS (IP.C) originated from Nexus ?
  11. When you hire someone to do it, I suppose it won't matter as you said. But if there is one thing I learned from all these years, it is never to trust words from developers until you see an actual product. Promises are easy to make. Keeping them up is entirely another matter. But you've seen what Vb CMS is capable of although alpha, so I suppose you know what you are dealing with. So, I bid you luck. I am afraid I am not willing to go back to Vbulletin Solutions. I see only gloom in their path. Having been running just a hobby site (Though I've been running it since year 1998.), hiring someone wasn't (and still is not) an option for me, so I had to take up on everything by myself. My major had nothing at all to do with HTML, CSS, and coding. (Sigh)
  12. A CMS will require some coding knowledge one way or another. There is no easy way to put it. And it's hard to believe that you made a final judgement saying IP.C wouldn't work for you when you haven't even tried it (Correct me if I am wrong, Did you at least try out the demo ?) and yet you made a judgement stating that Vb4 CMS will work for you also when you haven't tried Vb4 CMS.
  13. When I have to make critical decisions for my site, generally I move straight forward and let nothing hinder me. To be honest, visitors are my second concern. My first and foremost concern always is "Will this work for me?" rather than "Will my visitors like this change?" I can care a little less about visitors because I offer something unique they cannot get anywhere else, so they have to visit my website. Having said that, the major reason I moved away from Vb was due to lack of gallery solutions. I moved to Vb from UBB in year 2000 and had been asking for some sort of official gallery feature as an add-on since 2004. 5 years later, all Vb has is album which simply doesn't cut it. In the end, I moved to IPB in 2008. I have another site that uses Vb now and am in kinda of a tough spot whether to continue using Vb at this point. I've seen what and how Infopop of UBB fell. Vbulletin Solutions is taking, unbelievably, exactly same steps as what Infopop one had done. Although it's too early to make a final judgement, personally I wish to keep a distance from Vb until haze is gone. As for CMS, I don't know what and what won't Vb CMS suite will do. There has been only a few screenshots. It does seem better than IP.C from those little screenshots they had, but then price is also on a different level. I do like IP.C. It's cheap and simple with elegance. That was all I needed. I wanted a simple, yet functional, CMS. I've been tried various freely available CMSes before IP.C. And every one of them had too much bloats. I almost chose Joomla in the end before Ip.C came out though.
  14. Yes, the key phrase. It's not something many are willing to do. :whistle:
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