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  1. shamil


    I should add that HTTPS communication doesn't automatically mean that the connection is secure. Since a lot of object on vBulletin's pages are not secured by SSL, the connection and data transmission can be eavesdropped by malicious bytes.
  2. shamil

    IPB 3.2

    What's the PDF file about?
  3. shamil

    Zimbra or Exchange?

    What Exchange version are you running :o The GUI makes things 100 times easier, if you don't read the documentation :o
  4. shamil

    Zimbra or Exchange?

    It's not a nightmare if you take the time to read documentation, RTFM.
  5. shamil

    Zimbra or Exchange?

    Personally, I use either Outlook or Mail.app.
  6. shamil

    Zimbra or Exchange?

    I'd say Exchange. We use it at my company, and it is fantastic.
  7. shamil

    The worst thing about 3.2

    The other end isn't clean either.
  8. shamil

    GTmetrix Score

    Did they? oh well.
  9. shamil

    GTmetrix Score

    A lot of the images can be optimised with Smufaeces, and sprites made. The software is in early beta, so give it some time.
  10. IPB 3.2 might have touch capabilities

    1. Olivier Turbis

      Olivier Turbis

      Haha... I enjoyed your status.

  11. shamil

    How does this work? :S

    core is the username of that other account. It can be set without using WHM as well.
  12. shamil

    vB or IPBoard?

    Actually, I wouldn't say vBulletin is not secure. I'm going through the code myself, and not seeing many more places where security could be a risk in the software. I personally, think that the vBulletin community is much stronger than any product I've ever seen, that includes Apple.
  13. A thread's gone missing.... one with criticism in it.

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    2. shamil


      My intention was not to hijack. I genuinely don't believe something until it is proven, or I have seen it for myself. The thread was a valuable asset and testimony to 3.2 to some people, but not all.

    3. Charles


      But you and the other guy felt the need to be all cynical and grumpy in the topic so, rather than arguing about it, it was just easier to delete it :)

    4. shamil


      I do apologise if I seemed that way, it certainly wasn't my intention to do so.

  14. These frequent bursts of updates could mean that we're going to be a public beta soon, or something.
  15. shamil

    Windows/IIS being a bit annoying

    Added ZCE to a Windows server. Pages were either very slow, or not loading at all. Removed, and reverted back to standard.