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  1. I should add that HTTPS communication doesn't automatically mean that the connection is secure. Since a lot of object on vBulletin's pages are not secured by SSL, the connection and data transmission can be eavesdropped by malicious bytes.
  2. The other end isn't clean either.
  3. A lot of the images can be optimised with Smufaeces, and sprites made. The software is in early beta, so give it some time.
  4. IPB 3.2 might have touch capabilities

    1. Olivier Turbis

      Olivier Turbis

      Haha... I enjoyed your status.

  5. A thread's gone missing.... one with criticism in it.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. shamil


      My intention was not to hijack. I genuinely don't believe something until it is proven, or I have seen it for myself. The thread was a valuable asset and testimony to 3.2 to some people, but not all.

    3. Charles


      But you and the other guy felt the need to be all cynical and grumpy in the topic so, rather than arguing about it, it was just easier to delete it :)

    4. shamil


      I do apologise if I seemed that way, it certainly wasn't my intention to do so.

  6. These frequent bursts of updates could mean that we're going to be a public beta soon, or something.
  7. I don't know how I posted this here, it was meant to be posted on my intranet :/ I don't think IPS would implement this, since the idea may be too specialised. It's probably more of a feature for business and the like. Basically, it would give specific user groups or users the ability to post and see tweets from a Twitter account. It's more like an integrated Twitter client.
  8. I think a good social networking feature would be to allow users or a user group have posting abilities etc, to a, or several Twitter account(s). Not sure where this came from though.
  9. Really wants to upgrade his IPB-based intranet to 3.2. It looks great.

  10. Personally, I've been trying to move away and deprecate my use of IP.Portal, it practically duplicates IP.Content. As a software developer, and a senior business manager, I completely agree with the method IPS has chosen to proceed with the development of the newer platform, but can understand the frustration at the lack of ease and documentation to contribute to the customisation of IP.Content pages. Practically, supporting two applications, which offer the same, yet distinct, solutions, is not going to be financially viable, and will lead to further constraints down the line. All that I can suggest is that we continue to support IPS, and learn basic HTML/CSS. For a website that changes dynamically, such as a forum, I feel that it is imperative that its owners have at least some understand in the technologies employed; you never know when you'll need them.
  11. This could be beneficial to some forum owners :)
  12. I applaud IPS for using their own products to demonstrate a vote of confidence in the software. You might have just convinced me to purchase an IP.Nexus license.
  13. [quote name='Tanax' timestamp='1301163620'] [quote name='Shamil' timestamp='1301136062'][quote name='Kyanar' timestamp='1301111281'][quote name='Shamil' timestamp='1301101225'][quote name='Charles' timestamp='1301088998']And we have improved on it. I never said they did anything different, they've done the first stage of implementation and improvement. We're not talking about the Facebook/XenForo ecosystem, but more of the forum/community ecosystem as a whole.
  14. [quote name='Kyanar' timestamp='1301111281'] [quote name='Shamil' timestamp='1301101225'][quote name='Charles' timestamp='1301088998']And we have improved on it. I don't think that XenForo is the best product in existence. It excels is some areas, and not in others. When things look exactly the same, and ideas and paradigm may have been copied. The difference between myself and Internet Brands, is that I don't believe the method has been copied, just the interfacing elements, which could be improved upon. How did IPS improve on XenForo's implementation exactly?
  15. [quote name='Charles' timestamp='1301088998'] And we have improved on it. I'm not seeing major improvements over the other solutions offered of this segment. Maybe you are working with smaller incremental updates?
  16. [quote name='Charles' timestamp='1301086929'] Actually it's like Facebook and other social networking sites which is how people "expect" it to work :) Just because one has implemented it, doesn't mean you have to copy it. Whilst it is a crucial paradigm, it can still be improved upon.
  17. This is reminiscent of XenForo... big time.
  18. Ajax uses more resources? How so? You're saving a page load...
  19. The performance of XtraDB (via Percona MySQL Server) compared to MySQL + InnoDB [standard] is outstanding. vBulletin posted metrics here: http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/entry.php/2428-vB4Mance-Part-3-Database-performance-vB-benchmark-with-Percona-XtraDB-5.5-5.1, but in the benchmarks I've done, I yielded even better results.
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