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  1. I am running IPS4 and my some of my users are experiencing an issue with adding images to posts.  What is occurring is that the "Drag files here" portion of the reply window is not showing up and it is happening across several browsers.  I have recommended clearing cache, which has not helped and these users are all within the same group with the needed permissions.  Again, not all users, just a few.  IPS says this is not a known bug.  Any recommendations?



  2. Before I could upgrade mt 3.4 community to IPS4, I had to move to an upgraded server.  Migration from one server to the other is totally on me and I have NO idea what I am doing.  I have looked extensively for support pages on this, but nothing really lays it out.  I am with godaddy and they will do it for $100 but it takes 7 days.  Thats a long time to be down.  Any help?

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