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  1. This is what I mean about the Mobile Usability issues warnings that I get from the Google Search Console: So, obviously, Google doesn't know how to zoom in and out on a website, either?!! The issue, for me, is not so much a CSS fix to increase the text size for existing site content. I can work with my moderator on that... What I am more interested in is just making the default text size for any new content posted larger, so that we can at least see an end to this Herculean task.
  2. Thanks for that. Unfortunately, I'm not to good with plug-ins and all that stuff. I usually end-up making a mess of things - and then I get a "mild telling-off"- (if I am lucky!) - when I have to raise a support ticket to help me sort things out... I'm prepared to wait for this but I really would like some kind of assurance from IPS that they are either going to sort that Lightbox thing out - or put a simple global toggle on/off facility in the ACP, so that I can do away with it altogether.
  3. I think it's to do with that "Lightbox" thing in the Gallery? It used to be possible to disable that thing in the ACP. Zooming and panning around images in blog posts works fine...
  4. Not to mention those constant email notifications from Google telling me that my site is losing-out in search rankings due to mobile usability issues. "The text is too small to read..." I'm actually paying someone to go through my site and make the text readable on mobile devices. I'm sure the wizz-kids among you lot can fiddle around with the CSS to your heart's content. But I am paying for an "off-the-shelf" software solution so that I can concentrate on my site content, without having to worry about the back end. A simple setting in the ACP would work for me.
  5. Please could you introduce a feature in the Gallery that allows for zooming-in, panning around and zooming out on the Gallery images displayed? Kids these days - (by which I mean anyone under 40!) - will not touch a website with a bargepole if they can't even zoom the images... I know, because I have two 20'ish daughters. Both of whom are interested in art and photography, (my website theme). Both of them are staying at home with nothing better to do right now - and I actually have to pay them an hourly rate to even spend any of their precious time on my site!! None' of their friends are interested, either... If they can't just do that thing with the index finger and thumb to zoom-in and out and pan around images on their cellphones, then they won't waste any further time on the site. This is a bit of a problem for me...
  6. VigLink does not work at all on any of the modules on any of my 12 IP sites - except for in the forums. Help tickets with both VigLink and IPS have been ongoing for some time. We are not getting anywhere - just going around in circles with both companies at the moment... I was just wondering if anyone here has ever had VigLink working in their Blogs and on IP.Content pages? If so, could you please let me know how you got it working on IP modules other than the forums?
  7. I tried installing this and it made a complete mess of all of the other language packs that I had previously installed. Please could you make your instructions a little clearer and more detailed? I can't for the life of me figure-out how having three seperate files makes for "easier loading?" In my ACP, I can only upload one at a time? Which one should I upload? Or should I upload all of them? In which case, which one first? And how do I prevent uploading these files from overwriting all of my other language packs with Italian - even my ACP menus, at one point!! I do appreciate that this a free download. I would also appreciate full instructions on how to get your language pack on my forums as an additional option to the default language.
  8. Bravo! :D Will we now be able to pan through images without having to constantly use the scroll wheel on our 'mice' (or mouses?!) in order to realign the images that have just been loaded in the middle of our miniscule computer screens?
  9. I love the Album Defaults page in the ACP. Great news! :D
  10. [quote name='bfarber' timestamp='1342115288'] If an image is in a private or friend only album, only the submitter or their friends (depending on the album) will be able to see it. Similarly, if images are in categories that other users don't have permission to see, they will not show up as recent images. That is as it should be - but I do also agree with DJ Zah for the need to have certain images that are in Public Albums not show-up in the random or recent images anywhere on the site. Great news that members will finally be able to control whether their albums and images can be rated/commented on, or not. For an art site, this will be a tremndous boon. (Some artists thrive on feedback and that is why they joined the site. Others are very sensitve and will not upload a single image if it can be rated or criticised...) I'd also love to see the Gallery Stats. back on the index page...
  11. I have to say, I really like the Gallery 4 front page. On the other hand, an 'Upload' button all over the place will definitely be a big hit for some of the less computer savvy of my members...
  12. Hi, Could you make a Chinese language pack for IP.Classifieds? Thanks!
  13. All I get when I click on Translate Externally is an error message:
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