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  1. Was there ever any date range such as "By end of Q1 2018" or anything like that? Haven't kept up too much so might have missed any initial timelines.
  2. Will this eliminate the need to promote to the Page you have configured and then share the post to a group you are apart of? Currently, I create a topic on the forum and "Promote it". It gets posted to the Page you selected in the "Promote to Page". From there, I have to then share that post into a group that I am apart of. This then creates an album if there are multiple images and then shares it in the group, which links back to the page, (both of which contain a link to the topic). Seems like a bit of a mess is all :/ I guess I should be asking if I am doing this
  3. I am interested in this but the market place images do not load when clicking on them (they are broken) so I can't see what it look like. Any chance you can get those fixed?
  4. That worked :) Second question. I see it says (Points Integration Settings). Is that an external mod or the built in reputation system? If its not the rep system, is there an easy way to have it boost the rep X points?
  5. Mod isnt working for me :/ Installed it fine, everything seems okay. I copy a referral link and email it to myself. In another browser I click on the link. First, looking in the HTML for the reg page, there is nothing holding that referral ID (unless its a cookie) Next, after I register and validate, i check the account that sent the referral and all I see is --no name-- Status (sent) Today No Options I dont see it listed in the profile view either of the new user. something doesnt seem right
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