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  1. Was there ever any date range such as "By end of Q1 2018" or anything like that? Haven't kept up too much so might have missed any initial timelines.
  2. This is a silly question but I am not seeing it.. I added two Advertising Packages to my site in the products. I see that the store link is on my main menu but when I click it, I am not seeing anything to do with the products or items? Also, the "My Details" link seems to have a dropdown arrow and a right arrow which is a little confusing. What page is missing from this where I would see all of the products listed in the store? Update: I removed some other things from the main menu and then store jumped back up to the parent with no dropdown and al
  3. Awesome, looks like I will have to impatiently wait until this releases
  4. I am using Blogs on my site and I am looking to see if there is something I am overlooking where an entry can have a featured image? I am working on a template for Pages to include a blog feed and I would like to have a featured header image per entry like so attached. Anything like this exist or know of a marketplace item that will allow this feature?
  5. Are there any guides, other than the one located in the help guides for using Pages? Anything user created? Trying to find out how to use a custom HTML template for my site and not totally sure how to build the wrapper and all that. Really wish Invision made some video tutorials for their guides.
  6. Looks like your site is using HTTPS but you are calling the Google API's over HTTP.
  7. Will this eliminate the need to promote to the Page you have configured and then share the post to a group you are apart of? Currently, I create a topic on the forum and "Promote it". It gets posted to the Page you selected in the "Promote to Page". From there, I have to then share that post into a group that I am apart of. This then creates an album if there are multiple images and then shares it in the group, which links back to the page, (both of which contain a link to the topic). Seems like a bit of a mess is all :/ I guess I should be asking if I am doing this
  8. I ran that recount on the user that the RSS topics were posted from. The count still shows the higher number as if the posts were not removed. Looks like I needed to go to the moderator queue > deleted items and remove them from there. Resolved
  9. How do I re-count the topics for my stats on the forum? I was exploring with RSS imports to a forum and there was some duplication so I deleted them all for the time being. The topic count went back down but the post count is still way off. Which task re-counts this number?
  10. This looks like it may work - Can topics be created from this or will it only feed pages? I like how the current process work with importing and topic creation, just wish I could customize the template such as where the image goes, where to place the description etc.
  11. Are there any ways to customize how imported RSS feeds look and what content is included? I thought I recall a few years back being able to customize more than just putting in the URL and choosing where to import it. Any marketplace items out there to make this a bit more appealing?
  12. Thanks for the info - I will try this later today. What i have is working but is obviously not the correct way to do things
  13. After playing around with this, I finally got something working, although, it feels hackish. {{if !\IPS\Member::loggedIn()->member_id}} <a href='https://www.facebook.com/dialog/oauth?client_id=2076774779217739&scope=email,user_posts,publish_actions&redirect_uri=http://mydomain.com/applications/core/interface/facebook/auth.php&state=front-{expression="\IPS\Session::i()->csrfKey"}-{expression="base64_encode('http://mydomain.com')"}' class='ipsButton ipsButton_verySmall ipsButton_fullWidth ipsSocial ipsSocial_facebook'> <span class='ipsSocial_icon'>
  14. I found the template for this button located here - Core > Global > Login > facebook in the main forum system. I tried adding this to the page content but I think it crashed, got a server error when trying this. {template="facebook" app="core" group="global" location="login" params=""}
  15. I have Facebook set up on my forum to allow people to register easily with their account. This works fine in the normal practice of things, such as clicking on the signup button and going through the flow. I am using IP.Pages and have a public (Guest viewable) page on my site that I want to put this Facebook button on to allow them to easily click and register right from there. How can I go about doing this, and at the same time, not display this button if they are already logged in? Update Using pages, I created a block for this button that I only show to guest
  16. Can you explain how to set pages as the default app? Looking to do this myself. Update, nvm this was answered in another post
  17. I created a page that I want to use as my home page for the site. Without having to redirect to this page, is there a setting in the ACP where I can say that I want this page to be the index.php essentially so that when user visits domain.com, they are shown this page? If not, what other ways are people handeling this with their "Home Pages"?
  18. Thanks all - I used this process. I just didn't want to use the full URL and hardcode stuff incase I move things around later. This seems to work fine though. background: url(../pages_media/loading.gif) no-repeat
  19. I have created a custom page, added the CSS and JS files in the templates section. I uploaded a few images into the media section as well for this page. My CSS file is looking for these images, how do I reference images in the media folder for this particular page?
  20. I am interested in this but the market place images do not load when clicking on them (they are broken) so I can't see what it look like. Any chance you can get those fixed?
  21. That worked :) Second question. I see it says (Points Integration Settings). Is that an external mod or the built in reputation system? If its not the rep system, is there an easy way to have it boost the rep X points?
  22. Mod isnt working for me :/ Installed it fine, everything seems okay. I copy a referral link and email it to myself. In another browser I click on the link. First, looking in the HTML for the reg page, there is nothing holding that referral ID (unless its a cookie) Next, after I register and validate, i check the account that sent the referral and all I see is --no name-- Status (sent) Today No Options I dont see it listed in the profile view either of the new user. something doesnt seem right
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