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  1. Please consider re-releasing your RPG mod. It was great! One of it's kind.

  2. Download: RPG Status for IP.Board 3

    I don't know. And, despite this plugin is free and can be used free of charge, it's very sad to see after more than 250 downloads and 2050 views (for IPB3), no one has made a single donation. For IPB 2.x this was the same. Zero donations. I will not ask or force anyone to donate, never. But this trend is very discouraging to develop and create new versions.
  3. Download: RPG Status for IP.Board 3

    Hi! :) I think this mod works very well with the current version of IP.Board. I decided to wait until IP.Boad 3.2 is released to release a new version of RPG Status. In the mean time, I´m now porting this mod to another forum software that I´m actively using in my other projects. So just stay tuned for the next version for IP.Board.
  4. Download: RPG Status for IP.Board 3

    Thanks for the suggestions. I think version 2.1 will be finished and released in time for Christmas, next week.
  5. Download: RPG Status for IP.Board 3

    Hi! :) I know about vBExperience. I was a vB customer in the past. Sorry, but no. RPG Status will never be something like vBExperience. But, I´m thinking of adding some new features, so that RPG Status turns into a more complete and feature rich RPG mod for IPB, yes.
  6. Download: RPG Status for IP.Board 3

    You can define what MP and HP represent in the mod options in Admin CP. :)
  7. RPG Status for IP.Board 3 thanks

  8. Download: RPG Status for IP.Board 3

    Thanks. I hope it fits your needs. :)
  9. Download: RPG Status for IP.Board 3

    Indeed, it
  10. Download: RPG Status for IP.Board 3

    It's important to inform you that RPG Status 2.1 "Point System" is A LOT simpler than any other standalone point modifications. Don't expect to see all the features you are accustomed to see in these other standalone point modifications. It's made specifically for RPG Status, and will work only with RPG Status, because it's a built-in feature.
  11. Download: RPG Status for IP.Board 3

    No ideas. This mod is bug free and super easy to install. Check the install steps again (upload files and install via Admin CP), uninstall and reinstall again. This mod is certified to work and compatible only with the IP.Board 3.1.0 or newer version and IPB default skin. Also, before release, I tested this mod with two third party skins with no problems.
  12. Download: RPG Status for IP.Board 3

    Thanks. RPG Status 2.1 is now feature freeze. If everything goes well, it will be released next week. :)
  13. Download: RPG Status for IP.Board 3

    Thanks. If you have any more suggestions, fell free to post. I
  14. Download: RPG Status for IP.Board 3

    I was thinking about something like that. The problem is that I don't want to add sql queries or make use of a database with this mod. I want it to be simple and lightweight as much as possible. But, I think I know how to circumvent this to implement something like that. I'm also planning to change the name of this mod to something more apropriate, because RPG-S is gradually expanding beyond the original idea. So far, this is what I have in mind for the next version (RPG Status 2.1): Simple Points SystemSimple Achievements SystemMore Definitions for HP/MPSimple Status EffectsTwo more Ranks Of course I can't guarantee that all of these will be in version 2.1, but we will see. :)