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4.3: Welcome to the future, blog!

Good news!

We've taken Invision Community's Blog app by the scruff of the neck and dragged it into 2018!

There has been a growing trend for imagery to play a very important part of a blog entry. This update reflects that.

Introducing Grid View
We have added a new view that shows your blog entries as cards with space for a cover photo.

We've very visual creatures, and a good photograph can entice readers into your blogs to read more. 

As you would expect, you can disable this mode from the Admin CP for purists that prefer the traditional list format.



For those who's sense of adventure runs deep, the new grid mode allows you to show a list of latest blog entries as the blog home page.



This puts valuable and engaging content right in front of your audience.

This list view persists when you view a blog's entries giving a consistent feel.



Viewing an entry
We've given the blog entry page a little make-over by featuring the cover photo above the content. The slimmed down blog details bar allows your audience to focus on the content.



Default Cover Photos
You may have spotted that entries without a cover photo have a rather fetching geometric pattern in different colors.



This is a new micro-feature of Invision Community 4.3. Currently, if you do not have a cover photo on a blog, profile or event, the bar is a rather sad shade of black.

The new default cover photo feature makes it much more cheerful. Here's what a profile looks like.



Much better.

Here's a few technical details for those that love to know all the things.

  • The grid view feature can be turned off in the ACP (but doing so will make me very sad)
  • You can choose the default home page view: Latest Entries or List of Blogs.
  • You can still view a list of blogs when you're on the latest entries page. This choice is stored in a little cookie (GDPR friendly, it doesn't contain any identifying data) so navigating back gets you the last view you chose.

Let us know what you think! We love it, and hope you do too.


Recommended Comments

The new Blogs landing page looks great!

Will there also be a new block being added that can be placed anywhere on the site in order to display blog articles like on the landing page (ideally with filters, e.g. just recommended articles)?

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Grid view is a nice step but I think the option to make it more dynamic to  resemble "Our Picks" would make content flow better and feel much more current.

Also the design of spotlighting only two top entries and then all other entries are static squares, seems a bit old style grid.

With Pinterest and other sites that have card styles perhaps 3 columns where the right most column (most current) gets the larger real-estate like http://mashable.com

Edited by Ocean West

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These are welcome improvements, thank you. 

Not sure if that is the finished 4.3 style but why is the IPS default text font still so small? It's crying out for easier to read, updated typography like Bootstrap or Wordpress with better use of spacing and larger fonts.

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Looks good! But what about different blog themes or the ability to add custom blocks to your blog's sidebar (you know, those features we had in the older version of the Blog add-on)? :)

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This is weird timing, I use Blogs as my home page and was looking for a way to change the layout today and found nothing to no avail, so glad that this is happening actually!

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6 hours ago, asigno said:

Is there any way to move content from IP Content to blog?

Not internally, but it's a good feature idea. It's not hard to write a script to do it as it all uses the content framework.

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