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  1. Easy and friendly Blogs URL

    Is it too complicated for the current core of the IPB system to create the possibility for users to create blogs with easy and friendly URLs? I think this is the biggest limitation for users not to use this option. Something like: domain.com/blogname domain.com/blogs/blogname
  2. Pages SuperTopics (Support Topic)

    Is it possible to create a tag-based page?
  3. Pages SuperTopics (Support Topic)

    I understand perfectly! The plugins are great and it really is the IPB that needs to think about it, after all it's not such a complex thing. Thank you for the answer.
  4. Pages SuperTopics (Support Topic)

    I was able to upload, it must have been some cache problem. The plugin is very good, but it only needs one thing to be perfect, which is to have a photo option to highlight the topic. Because it loads image by itself and if the image is large, or several topics have large images, the page is too heavy to load. This would be resolved with the featured image option in the topic. These featured images would serve both this plugin and the Open Graphic facebook tag. It would be perfect for those who need to spread the topics on social networks. The featured image would also solve the problem of topics without photos... and pagination for pages with many topics: https://www.mochileiros.com/mochilao/
  5. Pages SuperTopics (Support Topic)

    Hi @Opentype, I imported the template, but not show to choose, only the default appears. I uploaded the XML, but they do not appear in the template listing. What can it be?
  6. Auto Reply to Topics

    Hi @Adriano Faria, 1 - This plugin works with IPB 4.2? 2 - Do you develop custom plugins or customizations of IPB applications like the APP for calendars for example?
  7. Template System

    I bought, but I can not create the fields, I think it does not work with 4.2, right?
  8. Pages SuperGrid support

    @opentype Do you develop custom templates for the page app? I bought the page app today and also its plugin, I'm still kind of lost. Another question is, can I create a topic directory without cloning them? Is there any tool similar to Ourpicks where I can make a selection of topics by subject and present these topics with the same design of the listing that you created for this plugin?
  9. Similar Content on Post Screen

    Congratulations on the plugin, the idea is very good, but the IPB search is poor and the results that appear sometimes have nothing to do with the words typed in the title field. In the test I made the mobile version, the result does not go down on the screen and if the person does not climb the screen, ends up finishing post without seeing similar topics. There is some fine-tuning that can be done to improve these two issues.
  10. Hello Guys, I already have the license of the current IPBOARD suite. I bought it for over 2 years and I've been renewing the signature even without use , it will migrate the forum that administer the PHPBB - SEO to IPB . My forum have 250k users and more than 500k posts. I have not done this change because the current IPB converter , does not automatically create 301 redirects for my system , which is PHPBB-SEO . Version used but very different from PHPBB . http://www.phpbb-seo.com/ I wonder if the 4.0 version you want to create a converter to create 301 redirects for PHPBB-SEO . I think the biggest fear of forum administrators , at the time of change platform is exactly missing the old links . This can end up with a forum . The URIs for version 4.0 will be the same to the current version? Since you're doing this new version , could not also create a tool that makes it redirect to my forum system and also for others. That makes all the difference . In my opinion is one of the most important issues when trying to make a system conversion . These urls besides being indexed in Google , are also in many forums on the site on other web sites. If they are not redirected , the forum will lose a huge number of visitations fow . Maybe with this change is time to seriously think about it , since its main competitors are languishing . The Vbulletin was sold and the latest version has been completely rewritten grotesquely . The Phpbb turned into an old design , old Concept, no future . On the other hand the new projects forum coming up with another type of concept , as Vaniila Forums and NodeBB that are still very primary , but if you give more attention to this kind of demand can steal this market easily . Thank you for your attention .