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  1. We can take this big step to have a form before the list of forums for the user already insert content, something similar to the attached figure? This is the type of UI most commonly used in the social networks. Users are already familiar with this, it would help a lot. Instead of the "Select Forum" popup it could be a "next step" form/page for the user to choose the best place to post the topic he just wrote. This would help in addition to other things to reduce the sending of topics in the wrong forums.
  2. My users are in Brazil and most use Mobile. So I configured GTMetrix to run the test on a server in São Paulo. I re-run the test now with AD block and without Rocket load and with the Javascript in the body, gave 5s! The test with the previous configuration had reached 5.5. Already improved, I'll leave like this. Thank you!
  3. @Adlago I did the test without Rocket Load and with "Just before </ body> tag" - Maximum I got was 7.7s
  4. @Adlago I ran the test and started loading the pages in 11 seconds. With the javascript on the "head" it loads 6s, sometimes 5.5s. The problem is the avatar photos and the photos of the topics. I have not figured out the best way to optimize old images in IPB.
  5. @Adlago Thank you. I'll test that right now.
  6. How fast is your website for mobile devices? With each algorithm update slow pages are losing positions in Google's search. I changed the theme of my blog to a faster [Generatepress] and almost doubled access (In the blog), including Facebook. When I share content on my Facebook page now they are viralizing, before they were stagnant. So, Facebook is also punishing slow pages. I'm trying to make what the forum has the same speed as the blog, but still need to improve a lot. But the small adjustments in this direction already gave small improvements in the forum too. The installation of REDIS and PHP 7.2 was one of these improvements and it helped a lot. Today's news on this subject. They will start to warn you about the slower pages: https://www.seroundtable.com/google-search-console-fix-slow-page-loading-26572.html
  7. @bfarber which is the official suggestion to have a logo with good resolution for mobile? Where do I find information to do this in a custom theme?
  8. By your reply I understood that objectively difficult! Thank you!
  9. Technically it would be very difficult to insert a feature to customize the featured photo url?
    Essential for renewing forum content without losing URL authority.
  10. Very cool, but is it possible in future versions to be able to insert the blocks below the list of forums in the categories as shown in the arrow in the figure below?
  11. As I said above: If PWA is not possible, support for AMP would already help to get back pages indexed better, even if it is a read-only version.
  12. Most of your users access the responsive version with IOS and will continue to access, even if they create a PWA. There's no reason to create a desktop-only version, right? The theme of responsive design would remain the same, the novelty would be the PWA. One thing don't need to replace the other. The difference is that users could have that option and the search engines too, which instead of indexing a page with 15s of load, would index to compatible mobile which loads in 5s or much less. Anyway, we can not ignore that IOS is used by the minority of users and since 2009 has only fallen. It's almost 10 years since the fall. On the other hand the use of android only increases every year. IOS vs Android: https://www.statista.com/statistics/266136/global-market-share-held-by-smartphone-operating-systems/
  13. PWAs Are Now Available for Apple Devices with iOS 11.3 https://www.monterail.com/blog/pwa-for-apple-ios An app is impracticable for several reasons already mentioned. The path is an indexable webapp and at the moment the PWA technology is the best available. Example is the mobile site of twitter, just compare it with a site with responsive design. It is very different, much faster, much easier to navigate, because it was made for mobile.. If that is not possible, AMP pages, even read-only, would already help to index the pages better.
  14. I'm following up on all the topics on the subject here in the forum and trying to argue about the importance of "mobile first" as this is a reality and has no back, but so far their only statement on the subject is that "they do not are ignoring the mobile. " Glad they are not ignoring. Your poll makes it clear that most are losing traffic because of this. I hope we have good news in the next updates. Not to be unfair, this is not only a problem of IPB, it is of all the old forum platforms.
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