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Team Talk: Who is your celebrity look-alike?

For most of us, at some point in our lives we've been told we look like someone famous. Maybe it's an actor from a favourite movie, or a member of a popular band.

This has certainly come up a few times among the team in chat. We often joke about our more famous doppelgängers. We've often wondered who'd play us in the movie version of Invision Community. I'm holding out for Ryan Reynolds [Keep dreaming - Editor].

More recently, friend to Invision Community @Joel R mentioned that it'd make a really fun blog entry. So please direct all constructive criticism to Joel if this is not as promised, a fun blog entry.

Ok, lets get started.

Andy is DJ Qualls
You may recognise DJ Qualls from comedies such as Road Trip and Road Trip: Beer Pong [Great list there - Editor]. This comparison was straight from Andy. He gets compared to him by his friends quite often apparently [He needs new friends- Editor].

Personally, I think it's just the fact that he also wears the exact same glasses.


Andy is DJ Qualls

Brandon is Adam Levine
Brandon was incredibly quick to mention that his dentist routinely says that he looks like Adam Levine, which seems like an odd thing to mention at most appointments. You may have heard of Adam from the band Maroon 5 and a few movies that I've not bothered watching [Awesome research for this piece - Editor].


Brandon is Adam Levine

Daniel is Daniel Brühl
Not only do they have the same first name, they also share a nose [Who has it today? - Editor]. You might have seen Daniel playing Nikki Lauder in the movie Rush, as well as that shady guy in Captain America: Civil War.


Nose twins

Jennifer is Charlize Theron
Jennifer had several looks for this blog entry, and chose the one featured below, which is very reminiscent of Charlize's role in Mad Max. You may know Charlize from her many movies. Including Max Max [Again, great research - Editor].


The eyes have it.

Lindy is Tony Soprano
This is a comparison I've been making for years. Lindy has a certain "aura" that reminds me a little of the the mafia boss with a conscience. There was a hotdog incident at his house which I don't want to go into right now [No, please do - Editor].
Tony Soprano was played by the late James Gandolfini.


Both know how to hide bodies

Marc is Casey Affleck
Honestly, this took a while to figure out because Marc looks like no other human being alive. We even tried those "Who is your celeb twin" apps and they threw errors and deleted themselves in a panic. This is the best we could do. Casey Affleck is of course Batman's younger brother [Have you ever read a comic? - Editor].


Yeah, it's not great is it.

Mark is Ansel Elgort
So one night I sat down to watch Baby Driver, featuring Ansel. It was uncanny how much he reminded me of our resident developer Mark. Even down to the facial expressions. It's uncanny.


I honestly have no idea which is which

Mark H is Ben Folds
Full disclosure, the photo Mark submitted could politely be described as "vintage" [Not sure that's polite - Editor]. However, as soon as I saw it, I was amazed at how much he looked like my favourite singer/songwriter Ben Folds. I'm not saying this photo of Mark his old, but lets say it cost us $10,000 to have an expert colour it from the black and white original.


Classic Mark

Matt is David Boreanez
Over the course of my 20s and 30s [Clearly not now you're old - Editor], I was often compared to "Angel from Buffy" played by David Boreanez. I thought it was because of my cool but brooding demeanour [lol - Editor] but maybe it's just one of those chance genetic occurrences.


Well, similar hair at least

Rhett is Bruce Willis
Rhett never lets our servers Die Hard [Jeez, you went there - Editor] but he does resemble Bruce Willis. It's not just that they visit the same hair dresser either.



Ryan is Ethan Hawke
We've saved the best to last, because this comparison caused actual goosebumps. Someone even said "wow" when they saw it. These two could be related. Ethan Hawke is a huge movie star, so Ryan was quite happy with this comparison.


Uncle Ethan?

So, there you have it.

If there was a movie to be made featuring our lives, then this is the cast that would be our first choice.

Who do you look like? We've love to see your pictures too. Let us know below!


Edited by Matt


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  • Management
On 4/27/2018 at 10:21 PM, SeNioR- said:

funny idea ?  

Marc look-alike Roman Atwood



On 4/28/2018 at 9:34 AM, CP_User said:



On 4/28/2018 at 10:19 AM, jair101 said:




On 4/28/2018 at 10:33 AM, Kirill Gromov said:

Where's Rikki? oO 


18 hours ago, Woodsman said:

1731817465_Picture1.thumb.jpg.3649ab689666fbb97b1c571e2bda88f3.jpg Gandalf-2.thumb.jpg.01fdb8a4993d87a05fffe40530318b93.jpg

A massive thumbs up to all the above.

Regarding Rikki - yes! I might have to edit him in. He didn't respond when I sent out the message for this blog entry so didn't include him, but he's a dead ringer for Ron Livingston.


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I was going to be embarrassed to mention mine, but since Andy got the same one... I feel a little better, at least. lol. I think I've had 3 different people say I looked like that celeb and one person said I looked like one I'm for real not going to mention. haha.

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