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New: Two Factor Authentication

We have had a question and answer feature in IPS Community Suite for some time and we are now happy to add Google Authenticator as another option. We have also combined the various options it a new Two Factor Authentication (2FA) section in the AdminCP with many more options.

Two Factor Authentication 2017-01-16 dhuv4.png

Two Factor Authentication Settings

There are also new settings to control when a user is required (or not) to setup 2FA:

Two Factor Authentication 2017-01-16 1p3uw.png

2FA Setup

You can control what areas will prompt for 2FA authentication:

Two Factor Authentication 2017-01-16 thsis.png

2FA Area Control

And how the system should recover if a user cannot login via 2FA on their account:

Two Factor Authentication 2017-01-16 gwqnb.png

2FA Recovery Settings

An administrator can configure these settings to tailor the security needs of their community. For example, you might want to require 2FA your admins and moderators but keep it optional for your members. 

On the front end your members will see a new Account Security section under their settings area.

Settings - IPS Community Suite 2017-01-16 yzjjh.png

Account Security Settings

Once authenticated, a user will then be able to enable various security options. For example, the Google Authenticator setup shows an easy to follow setup.

Settings - IPS Community Suite 2017-01-16 r1dk9.png

Google Authenticator Setup

We hope you enjoy this new level of system security. IPS has plans to add additional 2FA providers beyond Question and Answers and Google Authenticator. We will keep you updated!


This change will be in version 4.1.18 which is scheduled to be released in late January 2017.

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