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This entry is about our IPS Community Suite 4.2 release.

Following on from our previous entry about the new Recommended Replies feature, we also have one more small feature change that will be very useful.

Content Message is a small feature available in all IPS Community Suite content areas (forums, blogs, gallery, etc.) and allows a moderator to put a message at the top of any item.

Example Topic - A Test Forum - IPS Community Suite 2017-03-08 16-28-12.png

Topic with a moderator message

This is useful if you have a special use for the area people are posting in, need to encourage conversation to stay on topic, or perhaps the conversation is becoming heated and you need to remind people to behave.

Sometimes the smallest features can prove the most useful and already I have found myself reaching for this feature out of habit from using it on our test 4.2 installs and missing it on our production site. I cannot wait to have it available and I am sure you will enjoy the ability to add custom notes to any area of the Suite.


Development Note

For our power users: this feature and the Recommended Replies feature use a new content meta data capability. This allows you to store miscellaneous data that is attached to a content item which does not need to be otherwise searched or exposed unless you are viewing that item. We will provide technical details on this later but it is a really easy way to store data about content without having to create additional tables or methods.

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6 minutes ago, AtariAge said:

This is interesting.  One way I would use this on my forum is to provide an index to interesting/important posts in a very long thread.  Here's an example where I did this last year, and I had to edit the first post in a thread (with the original poster's permission): 


I might suggest the Recommended Replies feature is a better use case for that scenario but either way works :) 

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Just now, Charles said:

I might suggest the Recommended Replies feature is a better use case for that scenario but either way works :) 

Some of the links in that post are actually to other threads, and there are so many links that I feel the Recommended Replies feature would be too unwieldy.  But I certainly intend to use the Recommended Replies feature often. :)

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4 hours ago, JakubS said:

Another great feature, great! I love it so much, but i'm wondering if I can set privileges for specified group for this or is this getting privileges from moderators privileges.. :huh:

Yes and yes :)

Moderator privileges is where this feature gets its permission from but you can restrict those per group. Check out the Moderator permission setup in the AdminCP under the Members section.

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