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Jordan Miller

Drum roll please… announcing Achievements!

One of the overarching goals for any community leader is to shine a bright light on your members. Their contributions should be publicly recognized. Now with Invision Community’s new Achievements system... you can!

Achievements is Invision Community’s native gamification system baked into our latest update, 4.6. 

We’ve dreamed up innovative actions for community leaders to publicly recognize members who show up and participate in meaningful ways.

Award Points and badges based on conditional Rules!

Here’s what you need to know...




Our Achievements Points system keeps a running tally of Points. Members may earn Points in a multitude of ways. Essentially, it’s achieved by participating in the community. 

Create a topic? Points! Post a reply? Points! Follow another member? Nothing. Just kidding… Points!!!

This is done through creating Rules.




Rules are actionable processes set up in the admin panel. 

Here are what members can earn Points for:

When a...

  • Member joins a club
  • Reaction is given
  • New poll is created
  • User follows a content item
  • Review is posted
  • Member logs in for the first time that day
  • New club is created
  • Content item/comment is promoted or featured
  • Comment/reply is posted
  • User follows a forum, blog, gallery, category etc
  • User votes on a poll
  • User is followed
  • New content item is posted
  • Post is marked as best answer

There are also corresponding When/Then Rules for each item listed above. 

When this action happens, then this subsequent action happens.

Example: when a member posts 10 times, then this Badge is awarded.






Community leaders can also create specific Rules when deciding what actions earn Badges. 

For example, reward your members with a Badge for visiting your community for 20 days.
Once a member reaches 20 visits or more over 20 days, the Achievements system will automatically award them a ‘20 Visits’ Badge you’ve previously created.






In 4.6, we’ve completely revamped our Ranks system to communicate with Achievements. 

Achievements’ Ranks system will replace our previous Ranks system*

Set up different Ranks based on how many Points a member earns. Ranks display a members’ perceived value to the community. The higher a members’ Rank, the greater their influence because the more they’ve participated. 

Ranks are currently for prestige at the moment. 

Here's our example for a pretend Coconut community:




There’s a lot of information to absorb here, but if there’s anything to take away from this blog post it’s this: empower your contributing members with Achievements and watch your community grow. It creates an immersive and elevated experience for your die-hards. And hey, who doesn’t love to earn? 

When 4.6 and Achievements is officially released for all, we’ll hold a live Q&A event for you to join and ask any questions you may have.

Props? Concerns? Comments? Questions? We’d love for you to sound off in the comments! Not only because we want to hear from you, but because it’ll earn you some sweet, sweet Points, too!


Recommended Comments

3 minutes ago, Jordan Invision said:

I do think this could be useful yes 😅

At the moment we are trying to find the line between people getting crazy competitive and also illustrating what badges earn what. 😸

if there is none i will make one,

instead of making thread and editing them everytime changes, just have one page you can see everything is more cost effective

Edited by Eudemon
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10 hours ago, Matt said:

You can opt in to notifications to get a push notification / inline notification / email when you rank up or earn a new badge.

@Matt, thanks for clarifying this.  But I'd also love to know if there are any plans for Points economies as well, including a (limited?) Rules system which would allow emails to be sent if the number of points/tokens/etc. from bank X is at level Y or whatever (and yes, I'll probably mention this from time to time until you ban me 😄).

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Seems like a great new feature - thanks to all those involved! 

I do agree with several previous comments that being able to 'spend' points would really take this to the next level though. The badges are a very nice touch, but I suspect they will appeal mostly to the community's existing power users. Whereas if the points could be integrated with commerce and downloads, it could become really powerful. 

Seems really promising though.  🙂 


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I love it. The new point system ties nicely into a vision I have for one or both of my communities.  I have been using Discuz! (2002) and FluxBB (2008); since the founding of their conception. Both of them have become dated in many ways, and while I have developed them both beyond their functionality, I feel we have reached an impasse. They most certainly work and function, but the development for one of them (FluxBB) has all but nearly stopped, and the other has become more 'hackish' (Discuz! 3.5) as the development has progressed (when it moves).

Our current business model mimics Reddit, both in the way of ad placement, monthly subscription, and the ability to reward others. Members naturally already receive achievements and points, which I see Invision will have in the upcoming v4.6; this is a beautiful way to encourage engagement while giving the member base a sense of involved reward and recognition.  Additionally, you already have a reaction system in place. What is lacking, and I presume we may need to build out in third-party development, is a method to purchase the reactions to reward others ("x" value allows to "y" number of reactions you can reward others).

Nevertheless, I am excited and looking forward to the pending release of 4.6

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@Matt et al.

Regarding both an 'all badges' page and, especially, a 'how many {xyz} until the next badge/rank', it's not so much a 'game' issue as it is a motivation issue and don't take it from me, take it from a successful website: TripAdvisor. I'm a Level 6 at TA and, frankly, what got me there was their: "3 more reviews until Level X". They also do this for the 'sub-badges' for instance restaurant or hotel or monument reviews. "Two more restaurant reviews until you become a Gold Reviewer".

Hope this helps to show how a real-world motivational strategy fuels engagement 😇

**edit** I CAN'T WAIT! Great addition!

Edited by Giray
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Since 2013 using these types of communities are my love, because they do unique things the role system, the forum management warning forum system, other things that make it unique. Thanks for bringing this new feature to the fore, one thing that would be even more exciting for my community the possibility of integrating the login with discord app to synchronize the roles with the server. At present there is a member of the community that offers this service that thanks to the moment we can enjoy that service.

Thanks for making invision forums one of the best sites 🥰

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I was thinking how and where do I store member's badge for my still in progress poker game, I guess I know now!

So many possibilities to award member with badge earned to show off advancement by designing game rules to obtain them besides getting the ones from forum legacy.

My work in progress of achievement in pic shows earning a nice Third of a Kind badge, I can't wait to call REST API to persist achievements!  

Kudos to the team to make this happen.


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On 4/15/2021 at 9:54 AM, PoC2 said:

All I need to know is:

Is this optional (can it be turned off)?

I ask because IPS made the "new members" badge non-optional.


Normally yes...and easily modifiable i think

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32 minutes ago, Unienc said:

When will the official & stable version 4.6 be released?

This site has been running 4.6 Alpha for only a few days now.  Based on previous 4.x releases, it will take several beta releases before IPS makes it available for download in your client area.  Once it's available there, it will take several 4.6.x releases before its "really" considered stable and the marketplace developers begin releasing updates to their products. 

If your site doesn't use marketplace apps a stable 4.6 will likely be available 2 to 3 months from now. If you are dependent on marketplace apps it could be many months before they get updated especially if the developer has lots of apps to update. There are a fair amount of apps that haven't yet been updated to 4.5 so it seems that updating isn't as easy to accomplish as it would seem.

This timeline is based on IPS keeping Achievements "as is".  If they should decide to take customer feedback into consideration and include their various suggestions to change, add or delete functionality then the timeline could be extended much further.  Time will tell...

Edited by Chris Anderson
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3 hours ago, Feneroin said:

They said also 'will be released in a few weeks'

Yes... And i really hope. But the taken with updates on the past the release of 4.6 will be september / oktober. Based on my feeling and the past. 

Hoor IPB can break this feeling. 😉

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33 minutes ago, Duken said:

Yes... And i really hope. But the taken with updates on the past the release of 4.6 will be september / oktober. Based on my feeling and the past. 

Hoor IPB can break this feeling. 😉

As we're on 4.6 now on this board and it's not a really MAJOR MAJOR update, i think end of May or in June lately

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7 hours ago, Feneroin said:

I don't think therr will be beta version for 4.6

They'll release then if there is a problem, will fix with 4.6.1 and so...

They said also 'will be released in a few weeks'

Exactly, on April 1, Daniel F said, "It’s planned to have a public version in few weeks".

4 hours ago, Duken said:

Yes... And i really hope. But the taken with updates on the past the release of 4.6 will be september / oktober. Based on my feeling and the past. 

Hoor IPB can break this feeling. 😉

I imagine we will see the release of the general version 4.6 in the first half of May at the latest
But, Jordan Invision told me, "I imagine it will be released this month (April)."

3 hours ago, Feneroin said:

As we're on 4.6 now on this board and it's not a really MAJOR MAJOR update, i think end of May or in June lately

Let's see what happens 😉

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