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What is the tmp folder called?

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Just upgraded my localdev test installs for the first time since applying a backup restoration and I'm seeing the following error:


Your server does not allow temporary files to be created in the configured temporary directory. To work around this issue please edit the file named constants.php at C:\xxx\htdocs\ips4-dev-theme1 and add following code to it:

define( 'TEMP_DIRECTORY', dirname( __FILE__ ) . '/uploads' );

Aside from the workaround via constants, the error doesn't say what the configured temporary directory is called, so I can't check its permissions. Does anyone know which folder it is referring to?

Many thanks!

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Aha, I found out from the list of constants that it's referring to the server/Apache tmp folder:

Use - Temp directory to use. By default this will use your servers set temp directory
Example value - '/some/full/path/'

In my case:


or perhaps it means the Windows Temp folder as shown by PHP info in the Environment section:

TEMP     C:/Windows/Temp
TMP     C:/Windows/Temp

I updated the permissions attributes via Windows on the folder and contents within "C:\laragon\tmp" and after rebooting the PC, it started working fine; the IPS upgrader was able to continue without flagging any more permissions issues.

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