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Pages DB Content field set as not required but it's still required and still gets displayed

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For a Pages DB with many fields (that are collectively the "content"), I want to set the Content marked field as not required and clear all permissions so no one sees it.  My reasoning for this setup in that the N other fields are the effective "content", not a single field.  Of course something will be required, so one could just pick a random required field and mark it as the content field, however I found two issues during my testing of an "optional" Content marked field with no permissions to view/create/edit for any group.

  1. An API request to POST cms/records/{database_id} with the content field either not included or set to "" still returns TITLE_CONTENT_REQUIRED.  However if I define it as a Text field and set it to a space (" "), it will POST successfully.
  2. Regardless of permissions, the Content marked field is always displayed.  Setting it to a space (" ") helps hide this behavior.

Just passing along, again the workaround is just picking some random field that is required and always displays, then marking it as Content in the DB config, however any templating that iterates with conditionals Above/Below Content is influenced by whatever field is marked as Content.  So you'd have to go with a custom approach (which is what I wound up doing).



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