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No visual cue for filters in Fluid View


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In Fluid View, there is no visual cue to indicate if any filters are applied using the checkboxes in the sidebar widget. If there are many subforums, user may miss to notice some subforums were checked at the bottom and wonder why not all topics are showing in the topic list.

On the top where it renders the title "Topics", it could instead display (only if any filters are in effect) -

Topics (4 filters) clear

The above title shows how many filters are currently in effect and a "clear" link button to reset all filters with one click (instead of having to find each checked box and uncheck them one at a time which is a bad UX).


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Another related issue with the Fluid View Filters widget is - there is no easy way to filter out just one or two subforums from  a list of about 20+ subforums. The user has to select all the subforums one at a time manually except those one or two subforums which is not a good UX.

There could be a Select/Unselect All toggle checkbox (and maybe an Invert Selection toggle button too) on the top - the user could select all subforums with just one click (the WHERE clause will remain unchanged and remain the same as when all subforums are unselected) and then s/he could unselect those one or two subforums quickly to filter them out.

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