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Search clubs by name or filter by location

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Hi everyone,

I have a lot of clubs on my site and having so many of them without being searchable is proving to be a bit of a pain for my users.

I've searched the forums here and only found reference to this post from a few years ago: 


I do have some experience with coding in the Invision framework - not a lot - but I did manage to put together a hangman game from scratch so I'm hoping I might be up to the challenge for implementing this on my site.

My question is - where do I start? If I was developing my own app that's one thing but I guess I need to get into the existing clubs application somehow and add a search/filter bar that filters the clubs being shown on the page.

I don't even know if that is possible - would it perhaps be an easier task to create my own club directory application entirely? Any advice is appreciated, thanks!

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Posted (edited)

Ideally I'd like to modify the existing filter to include the location (state/province):

Could contain: Page, Text

And have a search bar inline next to the Sort and Filter buttons:

Could contain: Page, Text, Chart, Plot

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