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Icons & Logos / Manifest Questions

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Hi guys, had a couple questions about the way the manifest settings work with certain browsers.

1. Desktop Safari in iOS seems to have broken the favicon to the point where it is just showing a white circle. My version is 16.3 running on mac os 12.6.3 if that helps (maybe it needs an update?). I've uploaded an image that has black vectors, but I also tried deleting that file and just having nothing set for 'Safari Mask Icon' and I'm still seeing just a white blank icon where the favicon should be in the bookmarks tab.

2. I uploaded a Maskable Icon (which features a circular logo for my site and a colour/image background) and while it seems to be used correctly for various areas on Safari and Chrome (as a bookmark or saved app), on Mobile iOS when I try to save the community to my iOS Home Screen (using Bookmarks > Add to Home Screen) the icon that presents itself is the one I have uploaded for Application Icon instead. Is this down to the iOS Home Screen/Push notifications thing being quite new? Is it possible to force iOS to accept the Maskable Icon if it is available, as using the Application Icon (which has a transparent background) does not look good on iOS Home Screen (it fills the transparent space with an ugly black colour).

3. I notice that in Chrome browser, it ignores the favicon uploaded to the Icons & Logos section and instead includes the Application Icon where available. Is there a way to force Desktop Chrome to accept the Favicon instead? When I set the Application Icon to match the Maskable Icon (i.e. having an image background) in an attempt to see if I could fix the iOS Home Screen issue above, instead Chrome just decided to adopt the Application Icon in the tab window - and I'd much prefer to use a basic logo with transparent background for Chrome browser desktop (using a background looks ugly).

Thanks so much for your help!

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