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Invision Insight: 4.7.7 is released!

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Welcome to this week's Invision Insight!

It's been another great week here at Invision Community! Our February release is out and we are looking forward to the next great thing. Speaking of that, I shared last week that our Live Topics feature is shaping up and nearly ready for its beta release. Interested in our first sneak peak? Go ahead, check it out! 🙂

We are excited to hear your thoughts! This feature will be available on select plans.


New Release

With new features, squashing bugs and the usual amazing work put in by the Team, 4.7.7 was released earlier this week!

This release officially welcomes the long-awaited Gallery refresh and GraphQL support. Take a look at all the changes in detail below. And as usual, if you are experiencing any issues upgrading, please don't hesitate to post up a topic in the IPS Team and community operated Help & Support forum.


Upcoming Event

Are you like me and care about the stats and reports on your community? Or are they just not your thing?

No matter which side of the fence you are on, next week's event is sure to give you useful information to broaden your community management knowledge. Tune in and join the team for the upcoming event!

If you have a question or would like something more specific addressed, please let the Team know below.



Here's what the dev team have been working on over the last seven days:



- Fixed an issue where banning a member could generate an unnecessary member changelog entry.
- Fixed an issue where banning a member with a banned IP address could accidentally remove the IP ban.
- Fixed an issue where mentions did not use the color specified in the theme settings.
- Improved the error handling when a club node is missing.


- Fixed an issue where the featured event cover photo may not display if the filename contains special characters.
- Fixed an issue where searching events on the overview page did not properly display a map.


- Removed unused photos_url ACP search keyword.


- Fixed an issue where checking out as a guest would not pass guest email to Stripe.


- Fixed a missing language string on the custom fields edit page.

Changes affecting third-party developers and designers

- A new helper method `\IPS\core\Followed\Follow::getClassToFollow` was introduced which will return the class to follow for a given app and area.
- Fixed an issue in the core/members/follow API endpoint, where trying to follow clubs failed.
- A new webhook for the downloads app was added, which is fired when a new file version gets available.
- Added constant `\IPS\SITEMAP_MAX_PER_FILE` to define the maximum number of entries in a sitemap file.
- Added a new `Members` query which is able to return more than one member based on different criteria.
- `/core/members` REST API response for `photoUrlIsDefault` is now `true` for letter photos.
- Fixed the statistics GraphQL query.
- Fixed several issues in the Calendar GraphQL query.
- The REST API Log allows one to use the advanced search without having to select a specific endpoint or response code.

That's a wrap for this week! See you in the community and next week right here for another Invision Insight! I look forward to hearing from you all!

Thank you everyone! 🦘

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