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css mistake


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 I think you are wrong on this one.
Just look again 😄 
Could contain: File, Webpage, Person, Page, Text

/* These are variables (--badge- ..) which can also be found on :root, html and even on (.) classes / (#) id's */
.ipsBadge_style4 {
    --badge--background: var(--positive-light);
    --badge--color: var(--positive-dark);

/* The actual styles are on ipsBadge_reverse */
.ipsBadge_reverse {
    color: var(--badge--background, #fff);
    background: var(--badge--color);

Let's add some logic into this one, if we look closely at .ipsBadge_positive.. we have 2 variables 1. --badge--background  and 2. --badge--color  and these 2 variables also have another 2 variables which are taken from here:
Could contain: Page, Text

But if we look at .ipsBadge_reverse, we have actual styles (color & background) and this two have the variables from .ipsBadge_positive.


And if you also look really closely why they added another class with "ipsBadge_reverse" you'll see that the background-color from .ipsBadge_positive is actually the color now and for the color the same, so (logic) they are reversed 😄 

I hope this clarifies the "mistake" that has been done.

Happy new year ❤️ 

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