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Move to an other domain

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I just had a talk with my SEO expert and he made me the following suggestion which I want to make sure that this is possible :

I am running my board with quit a lot of paying members ( automatic renewal on PayPal ) on this domain here : https://www.hanspeterkruesi.com/members

but I would like to move the whole system to hpcrazy.com/members

So here the question :

Is it possible that I move all files to the new domain but also leave the files on the old domain but switch the old domain to " redirect " so that no user, paypal subscription or backlink get's lost. But any new content or registration would be made on the new domain.

Thanks for your help in forward.

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My SEO expert gave me the advice to proceed that way. The 2 domains exist quit a long while but one " hpcrazy " is treated as a brand by google - and like 99% of the users come over " hpcrazy " there. So it make's total sense but I don't know what will happen with the clients who are on automatic subscription renewal.

So that's why I am asking here - if anybody has experience on that.

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