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\IPS\CACHING_LOG: Can't open dialogs/more information on all entries

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I activated the \IPS\CACHING_LOG to debug some issues, but I noticed that I could only open the dialog/modal for the top ones, the cache entries near the bottom I was unable to open the dialog for. 

Looking into the HTML, the issue seems to be caused by a sudden change in the naming style of the div that's referenced by data-ipsDialog-content. See the attached image: 

Could contain: Monitor, Computer Hardware, Screen, Hardware, Electronics, Text, File

For the working items (that brings up the dialog) the form of the name is #elCachingLog<timestamp>_<id>_menu, but then it suddenly changes to #elCachingLog<timestamp>,<id>_menu (It uses , instead of _ between the timestamp and id)

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