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Making an APP with unity, having trouble with OAuth in C#

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hello. I cannot seem to solve this dilemma.

I have been all over the internet for a solid 3 days trying to figure this out. I went to Microsoft to get just the basic format of what an OAuth URL should look like.

I can manually type it all out into my browser and it will take me to the Authentication login screen on my site, So honestly, I'm pretty proud there. But when I call it from my app it is not doing anything. I am using Unity by the way. 

The idea here is on my app people can click a "Login" button, and it should take them to my site to login and send back a token which i will store on their PC.


public void test() {

private static IEnumerator GetAccessTokenA() {
	string uri =			"http://localhost:8080/callback";
	string Client_Secret = 	"1234567890";
	string Client_ID = 		"abcdefghijkl";
	string url = 			"https://XXXXXXXXX.com/oauth/authorize/";
	string url2 =			"https://XXXXXXXXX.com/oauth/token/";
	string Scope = 			"files";
	string SEND = 			url+"?client_id="+Client_ID+"&response_type=code&state="+Client_Secret+"&redirect_uri="+uri+"&scope="+Scope;

	Dictionary<string, string> content = new Dictionary<string, string>();
	//Fill key and value
	content.Add("grant_type", "client_credentials");
	content.Add("client_id", Client_ID);
	content.Add("client_secret", Client_Secret);

	UnityWebRequest www = UnityWebRequest.Get(SEND);
	//Send request
	yield return www.Send();

	if (!www.isNetworkError)
		string resultContent = www.downloadHandler.text;
		TokenClassName json = JsonUtility.FromJson<TokenClassName>(resultContent);
		Debug.Log("Success: "+json.access_token);

In the end I guess I'm wondering why I'm not opening in a new window, and then if I have the rest of this correct. I apologize if this is a really poor way of doing this, I am just now learning C#. 

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