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User Navigation: Tabbed Dialog Boxes for Approval Notifications and Assigned Reports


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I think there’s an opportunity to better organise the User Navigation area’s popup dialog boxes/drop downs for admins of IPB communities.

For instance, on my community I have a Newbie usergroup within which a new user’s first ten posts require approval from a mod before they are public. As a result, I get a lot of notifications about post approvals, and it clogs up the other notifications that I might receive (replies, followed content etc).

Perhaps a tabbed inset within the Notifications popup box specifically for approvals would be of a benefit for admins? To keep things organised?

Also as an addition to this, oftentimes a member of my moderation team will get to an approval request (or Report alert) before I do, but when I log in the approval/report notification still appears as if unread. I know why it does this - because I personally haven’t seen those notifications yet - but in practice it’s a little frustrating as I end up clicking the notification only to be taken to a post that’s already been approved.

So as part of improving the User Nav experience for mods/admins, is there also a chance we can see some improvement in terms of admins only seeing notifications for things that have yet to be addressed (or at the very least, un-bold the notifs so they don’t seem unread and unchecked)?

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