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{PAID} - Two requests for IP Pages Databases

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I need two things to make my IP Pages Databases work better.


First Job

I need a custom IP Page made, that will run a SQL query against my IP Pages DB and return back a list of records.

Example of code that used to work

$result = mysqli_query($con,"SELECT `field_21`, `field_20`, `field_24`, `field_25`  FROM `ipb_ccs_custom_database_2` WHERE `field_77`='p' AND `field_75`='0' ORDER BY `ipb_ccs_custom_database_2`.`field_21` ASC, `field_20` ASC");
while($row = mysqli_fetch_array($result)) {
  echo $row['field_21'] . " " . $row['field_24']. " " . $row['field_25'];
  echo "<br>";


I would like a slight improvement on this, to make the text of the results, that each result be a hyperlink back to that record.


Second Job

I need the ability to run SQL statements against my IP Pages Database on a hourly or nightly schedule, and some of these statements may include more than 1 SQL statement to be executed in order. Right now I am having to run them manually, but they should really be nightly tasks.

These tasks are kind of simplistic, If this field is set to X, then field 2 should always be Y.

Example of statements

UPDATE `ipb_ccs_custom_database_2` SET `record_static_furl` = `record_dynamic_furl`


PM me the price to make both of these happen. 🙂

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