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Add Back button for PWA on iOS

KT Walrus

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I've been using the PWA on my iPhone and the number 1 usability issue is the lack of the browser's Back/Forward buttons.

I went to your competition to see how this issue was addressed by their developers and found that they implement Back/Forward buttons in Javascript when the user is using the PWA on iOS.

Go to https://try.discourse.org on your iOS device and Add to Home Screen to check out their solution to this problem. Discourse is open source so you can even look at how they chose to implement this. The Back/Forward buttons are hidden until you scroll the page (which is a nice touch).

If you fix this one issue, I will encourage my users to use the PWA.

Here are screenshots of the page in Safari and in the PWA:


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Note: Just tried the PWA on my Mac (installed with Chrome), and the Back/Forward actions are available in the PWA top menu (with Command-[ and Command-] shortcuts) so the PWA is very useable on the Mac. I can now launch the Invision Community PWA from the Dock and it feels like a real Mac app. Only on my iPhone is the Invision Community PWA frustrating because of the missing BACK button. Don't have Android device so not sure if it suffers from the same limitation on those devices.

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