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(TB) Moods [Support Topic]

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A new 4.0.1 version is currently pending approval:

  • Added 4.7 compatibility.
  • Added mood support globally for comments (including PMs) and reviews.
  • Added mood support for gallery categories and albums.
  • Changed radio-type popup to scroll to the user's current mood.
  • Changed mobile navigation menu to not be sticky anymore to match IPS changes.
  • Fixed quick search for member names in history logs.
  • Fixed notification language to be gender-neutral.
  • Fixed duplicate "Update mood" text in select-type popup.
  • Fixed an issue with a non-required field in the import tool.
  • Fixed other minor issues.
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A new 4.0.2 version is currently pending approval:

  • Removed some unused gallery settings for 4.7.7+.
  • Fixed "Undefined array key 'mood'" in some rare cases.
  • Fixed "Undefined $member value" in the Account Settings page.
  • Fixed mood value not available in the ActiveRecord class "changed columns".
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