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Its something that really would hugely help in any type of themed website here, but I know for sure with the Achievements system it would be unbelievably powerful.

Many of our members are reporting that they want to do understand and work towards what things they can 'unlock' or 'achieve'. This clearly works cleverly well with Achievements and the numerous badges you can create for them to obtain. They otherwise feel lost due to the need of a sense of direction. This could work for any manual list an admin wanted to create for them to obtain. I would imagine it would look best on their Profile so it could understand what they've achieved so far.

The core software knows the list of each badge a member has achieved, and also knows which ones they haven't achieved. If you didn't want a badge to be shown in a list, then it can be made optional to a separate 'Checklist' if applicable.

I haven't seen any other suggestion in the past like this - can someone confirm if there is something immediate in the marketplace that could fit this type of feature? Hopefully there is some enhancements on the way in the core too that can resolve this desire that members want to have?


P.S. This shouldn't need to be just restricted to Achievements - I think its the most obvious next step for them but you could require a checklist for anything in your community that your members could work towards.

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