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How to use getItemsWithPermission() with extra joins?

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My app uses a map table for mapping containers to items. I'm trying to implement having an item be contained in multiple containers.

I've got this mostly working by adding an INNER join of the map table when calling getItemsWithPermission(). 

But, I now want to select other columns in the joined map table and on return from getItemsWithPermission(), I want to access the joined map table column data within my Item Class.

How do I access the map.* column data?

$joins[ 'map' ] = array(
   'select' => 'map.*',
   'from'   => array( 'myapp_forum_topic_map', 'map' ),
   'where'  => array( 'myapp_topics.tid=map.topic_id AND ' . \IPS\Db::i()->in( 'map.forum_id', array_filter( $forumIds ) ) ),
   'type'   => 'INNER'

return parent::getItemsWithPermission( $where, $order, $limit, $permissionKey, $includeHiddenItems, $queryFlags, $member, $joinContainer, $joinComments, $joinReviews, $countOnly, $joins, $skipPermission, $joinTags, $joinAuthor, $joinLastCommenter, $showMovedLinks );
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