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Help configure rules to receive Badges per day of connection

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Dear community, I sent a support ticket twice but I did not receive a response from invision, so I am forced to create a public ticket if someone can help me, I understand that invision will be busy due to current times.

I need if someone helps me what configuration I have to add in:

CP Panel> achievements> Rules:

What configuration has to be configured so that the users of my community receive 1 point for each day they visit my website.

for when you get to certain points to receive the Badge

It would be very helpful, thank you very much

I was waiting for someone's help so I took the investigation on my own account to see if I have solved it that it works for anyone who wants to apply the same system as I did:

Simply when creating a rule, choose the rule to log in directly to leave the configuration as you can see in the screenshot that I attach:


Kind regards to the community of invision power community from spain to all

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Problem resolved
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