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Configuring Badges

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We have badges on our forum. but I see some issues:

Ok, it looks fine, but why SevenDaysRegistered.svg have number 3 on icon? It should be 7 I think to make sense.

Another one is OneHundredReactionsReceived.svg but in rules I see reactions given. So its not for received, but for given?

And last one: FiveHundredItemsPosted.svg have 100 number on icon, not 500 :S


Also I think that giving for week, month and year is a bit to little. In our forum I think that 95%+ users will have first two. It should also contain 5 years, 10 years or even 15. I know that, we can add it manually, but need to make some icons for it. It should be by default 🙂

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